Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tradin With Diamon' Kings 'N Dime'n Boxes

hey folks...
here's a post about a couple of trades.  one big 'n one small.  i say small because we didn't exchange a whole lotta cards.  however, if a trade is only a one-for-one -  both sides obviously wanted that one card - so it's not really 'small', is it?  

first up is a trade with the the Diamond Kinghe sent me these super cool jackie robinsons which i originally intended to post on this past jackie robinson day.  well, here they come at ya, albeit a little late, but certainly no less cool (kinda like how i arrive for dinner dates) hehe...

sweet, sweet cards

  the other cards i got from el DK are this complete 30-card 1999 SPx Star Focus insert set.  back when kevin posted these, he said the highest lowball offer gets it.  seemed like a fun challenge, so i went through DK's want lists, put together an assortment and pitched an offer of lowball trade bait. DK bit, and this set is now mine.  unfortunately, they don't scan any better for me, so you'll have to trust me that the cards are cool, and the checklist is even cooler...

checklist includes: ripken, jeter, cheater mcgwire, griffey, gwynn, chipper, the big hurt, thome and more.  what a nice trade ! THANKS, kevin !

Last ups goes to the first trade between me 'n nick, over at dime boxes.  sorry bout mangling the name of your blog in the post title, nick.  it was my attempt at making a witty post title like my other blogger brethren and sistren (?) out there. 

it's a reprint, but oh, whatta card...

it's the boys from Brooklyn, and look who's in the center there...yup, heya jackie !  Game 1 featured home runs from pee wee, the duke, and ..yup...jackie.  
 THANKS for the great trades, nnnnnnnick n kevinnnnnnnn !!!

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