Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Knew It...

                                     Matt "I'm Back!" Kemp saves the game.                         Photo:Victor Decolongon

Sometimes when I write a post about the Dodgers that one might call "less than positive", the Boys just turn around and do something (almost immediately) to make me want to eat my words.

I first noticed it back in early May when the Bison was struggling and I wrote a post urging Damn Mattingly to quit batting Kemp third or fourth because Kemp's performance just didn't merit a primo batting spot in the order.

No sooner did I write that piece then we all found out about the Bison's touching gesture of generosity and Dodgers Love toward San Francisco-based Dodgers fan, Joshua Jones.

While that wonderful gesture on Kemp's part didn't earn us any advantage in the standings, I felt a little like a heel for knocking a guy with as big of a heart as Bison clearly has.

The latest Dodgers turnaround happened immediately after my post calling out the squad as  "Bums".  

To tell the truth, as I was writing that "Bums" post, I felt the Dodgers would probably go on a winning streak and again make me chew on some crow.  I didn't mention it in the post, because I didn't want to jinx the possibility.  I really wanted it to happen.  And happen it did.

Immediately after I called out the Boys in a harsh way I had not done ALL SEASON LONG, they immediately went on a tear like we haven't seen ALL SEASON LONG.

The Dodgers have now won four in a row.  That's their longest winning streak of 2013.  Believe me, non-Dodger fans, THAT is quite an accomplishment for this team.  Heck, we hit our first back-to-back (H. Ramirez and A. Gonzalez) homers of the season - first of the season! - just this weekend.

Ramirez is red hot at the plate (homering again tonight), "El Jaguar" Gonzalez is rocking steady as ever, the starting pitchers are doing very well, the Bison is back, and the newly stocked batting order put up six runs tonight.

Looking at tomorrow, we've got Ace Kershaw pitching at home with everyone in L.A. thinking "Sweep!" over the evil ones.  I'll sleep well tonight.

Maybe I should write a post about Brandon League. 

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