Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pop Up One Trade And A Chunter Trade May Come Down

Hey everybody,

Like many of you, I've been falling a bit behind in trade posts.  However, that's due to good reasons, 
1.  I've been making enough trades to have a backlog, and
2.  I've had a surplus of additional topics to write about. 

This post is a combination of two trades.  Let's start with my first ever trade with Chunter, who is behind the cool blog, Chipp 'n' Dale.  Chunter really did me right in this trade because he sent over a bunch of Hall of Famers that I just cannot collect enough cards of.  Sure, they're tribute cards, but I love 'em when they have a great design or they are reprints of cards I could never own otherwise. 

This first card is a great example. Here we have a Topps 2011 reprint of a beautiful card, the 1933 DeLong.  I have a couple of these DeLong reprints, and they are always welcome in any trade package to me.

 While I'm not a huge fan of cards from the short-lived Ted Williams Card Company, this is from a great player whom I collect, and the chosen photos absolutely work with this design...
Harmon "Killer" Killabrew. 

I think you all know how I feel about this guy.

More Rickey Henderson?  Yes, sir.  My first Blue Jays issue of Rickey.

I recently watched that "Cobb" movie starring Tommy Lee Jones.  While I'm not sure if I liked the movie enough to ever watch it again, I'm pretty darn sure Tommy Lee didn't look anything like the real Georgia Peach...
Above is a card which goes right into my Mike Schmidt collection.  It seems one day in the Houston Astrodome Schmidtty crushed what looked like a three run HR - but the ball hit a public address monstrosity hanging 300 feet away and 100 feet up.  Scratch one home run, pencil in a single.

Next up isn't technically a new trade, rather it's a continuation of generosity from Bert over at Swing And A Pop Up.  Bert had a fistful of extras from the Hy-Grade set which I'm chasing, and he sent them over to me.  This batch got me to less than 23 cards to completion of the set, so I'm stoked.  Here's some of the baseball greats that I caught...


 The guy below knows a bit about beanball wars with the Dodgers, and ironically, Dodger Stadium lurks in the background...


Enos here holds a special place with me because the first mitt I ever owned was an Enos Slaughter model.  

THANKS for the great cards, Chunter and Bert
THANKS for reading, everybody! 


  1. And thank you for the write-up, sir! Thanks for the cards.

  2. Thank you for the write-up as well. If I find anymore, I know where to send them.