Saturday, June 29, 2013

Super Hot Trades for a Super Hot Day

Hey everybody,

My team got absolutely shellacked last night! I mean, those dang Phillies just ran roughshod, and then scored some more.  Final score:16 -1.  *Sheesh*

Putting that aside, let's spend a little time checking out some super cool cards on a super hot summer's day out here in L.A.  I'm glad to be inside with my jerry-rigged window air-con, hoping all y'all out there are staying cool today as well. 

First up is a trade with Scott Orphan.  Scott sent over some great cards and a nifty team Dodgers package from early 90's Stadium Club.

 Leading off with a great art card of Raul "Puig" Mondesi.  Apparently he's exploding some unlucky baseball while vacationing (in uniform) on some exotic island with bizarre lines of perspective.

Piazza in a sepia-toned shot. I believe he made this same face during one game when he took a foul ball into his groin, proving catchers should wear a cup for EVERY game. 

 Hideo Nomo bringin it on fimsy cardboard stock with remarkably nice gold lettering.

 I'm digging this RC of Dodgers reliever Paco Rodriguez.  Paco is from Florida and hails from Cuban stock.  I would imagine Puig and he have become friends.

I remember trying to complete this insert set way back when.  The checklist was full of 90's stars.  I don't remember the list now, but it probably reads like a rouges gallery of PED-enhanced rouges.

Topping off the package was this sealed team package of Dodgers from 1993 Stadium Club. The top didn't scan well because it was sitting high and away from the scanner glass.

I'm tempted to open this up and check out all the cards, but I won't for now because I just want to keep it all intact for a while.  Here's the checklist.

I can't wait to open it later and get a look at the Daryl Strawberry and Pedro Martinez cards inside.

The second trade is from another reader, Zippy Zappy, based out there in New Yawk.  I was under the impression Zippy was just going to send 4 cards over in a PWE, which would have been fine enough, but what arrived was a bubble envelope with a stack of cards.  Here's a few highlights from the stack...

I dig the shiny, chromy in this card of my favorite L.A. Dodger shortstop.  Here's Raffi turning two against against the evil ones, in their house. Sweet.

Give a little and get a little.  After sending some Kemps over to Nick at Dime Boxes, I've started to receive more Kemps to restock my collection.  The latest is this golden Bison parallel.


 I'm very happy to get my first 2013 Gypsy Queen Dodger.  On top of that, it's an excellent shot of our rock steady backstop.

Also among the firsts is this, my first Topps Marquee.  These cards are very nice, indeed.  Substantial cardstock, great photo with colors that just pop right off the card.  Very nice.

But speaking of firsts, the cards below are what Zippy first opened our trade talks with.  Presenting awesome Dodgers 2012 Topps and Sega CardGen cards from Japan!!!  Check 'em out !!!

Here's what the backs look like...

Zippy Zappy and Stealing Home will not be stopped by Japanese writing.  ZZ really went the extra km and translated the backs for me.  Here's a portion:

 How cool is that?  Thanks for translating, ZZ.  Finishing out with 2 more...

 The Dodger's new/old/new/shoulda-been-closer all along.

And finally, this awesome card featuring the Bison in old-time Dodger blues.  Sweet card.

Sweet cards all, gents.  Thanks for the trades, Scott and Zippy Zappy.

THANKS for reading, everybody!


  1. "Went the extra km." Lol, I like it.

    1. LoL.

      Thanks, man, for those translations. They're going right in my binder beside the cards.