Monday, June 17, 2013

Dimes? This Box Of Traded Cards Is Worth A Million To Me

Hey everybody,

A while back, Nick, over at the most excellent blog, Dime Boxes, decided he would begin collecting Matt Kemp cardboard.  So I sent over a few Kemps to help him kickstart his new quest.

As most of you blogonauts out there already know, Nick is a proficient and prolific writer.  However, what some of you may not know is what kind of a generous and cool trader he is.  Nick sent over a fantastic batch of cards that fit perfectly in my collection.  They span across teams, players, decades and card company releases.  He included so many cool cards, it was difficult to settle on just which ones to show.  However, settle I did, and here's a sampling of the cardboard goodness Nick sent my way...

Starting off with a beauty, 2001 Upper Deck Legends, Johnny Bench.  What a sweet card this is.  Black and white imagery for that classic feel, surrounded by an understated but dignified frame...

Is it me - or is that Yogi Berra in the dugout?  Here's Berra, a former great catcher studying the new generation's backstop in action. 

Good ol' Ralph Kiner is a local boy.  He grew up in the next city over from me - Alhambra, CA.

 Above is a  slice of HOFer goodness on a miscut that you almost won't  notice unless it's pointed out.  This card kinda looks like Niekro is trying to remember if he turned off the faucet at home.

From vintage sweetness to modern beauty below...

All rise to World Series Hero, Maz.

It's new to me!  2000 Upper Deck Hitters Club, featuring Cap Anson looking rather dapper. 

Below is what Rickey Henderson probably sees when he looks in the mirror..

How about this sweet cut-out Carew !!

Of course Nick tossed in some Dodger goodness for me...

Fantastic card! The greatest L.A. Dodger third baseman ever.

Speaking of fantastic, below is a great card of Satchel Paige, pictured during his time with the Indians...

Cubbie great Santo looks like he's wearing a WBC championship belt.

Blogger Fuji might appreciate these very cool A's cards almost as much as me.  Did somebody just give Reggie a hot foot? 

Finally, a Dodger's pitcher batting. No - bunting.  No - risking his fingers bunting...

I wish anger management- challenged hitting "coach" Mark McGwire would take Hyun-Jin Ryu aside and teach him to quit trying to bunt with his fingers completely wrapped around the bat.  I cringe every time I see Ryu trying to bunt.

But then again, I cringe even further when I think about all the great work McGwire has done with the Dodger hitters up to this point.

There's no cringing, however, when I reflect upon this awesome trade with Nick.  THANKs for the great cards, bud!

THANKS for reading, everyone !


  1. I think Niekro just noticed he forgot to put Vaseline on the under side of his cap brim.

  2. Awesome, glad you enjoyed everything! HOF cards rule!!

    1. They absolutely rule, Nick.

      Looking forward to our next trade.