Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trade Me (Almost) Anything: Damn Yankees

Hey Everybody,

The Dodgers are playing a double header out in da Bronx today, so here's some Yanks up for trade.

I'm happy to say I just completed a first-ever trade with reader Zippy Zappy, living out in N.Y. right before this series, so he got first dibs on the Yankees I was planning to post here.  That said, here's hoping you're going to like this trade bait.  

BTW, Z.Z. is sending out some awesome Dodger cards that I've never seen before.  I can't wait to check 'em out and post 'em up for you all to see.

Here's how it works In each post I'll offer cards from one particular ballclub.  I'm starting the offer at 9 cards, since 9 is what fits onto my scanner plate, and I can comfortably shoot 9 cards to you in a PWE. 

What do I want in return?  I'll accept whatever and however many cards you want to shoot back. It doesn't have to be 9 cards in return and they don't have to be all Dodgers.  My only request is you check out my "What I collect" or "Sets I'm chasing" pages here and use them as guides.

Once again, you don't have to match me for numbers of cards or perceived monetary value.  Say I send you 9 cards and you send me 1insert or vintage card.  Cool!

The intent here is simply to  TRADE, BABY, TRADE!

First up is a guy who was backstop for both teams, and now plays for neither...

Hows about a couple of oldie but goodie Yanks...

Presenting Mr. Olden and Mr. Gooden

How's about even older and... goodier...

Here's Mickey Mantles' old drinkin' buddy.


 THANKS for reading, everybody!

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