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Dodgers All Stars In Championship Years 1963 & 1965

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Here's Part 3 of the compelling series featuring Dodgers who played in the All Star game during years the team won the World Series.  This time it's...


If you checked out Part 2 of the series, you'll remember they played double header A.S. games from 1959-62.  1963 returned us all to the single game format.  The game was played in Cleveland Stadium, and it was the final of Stan Musial's 24 - I said 24! - A.S. games!   The N.L. won 5-3.

 Tommy Davis started in LF and batted lead off.  He singled, walked, and scored a run.  Defensively, he threw out Nellie Fox at 3rd base. 

Wills may have been elected to the '63 squad based on his 1962 season accomplishment detailed in the card above, but unfortunately, he rode the pine during this year's A.S. game.

Speaking of Dodgers who were on the A.S. team but didn't play, Sandy Koufax sat on the bench next to Wills and didn't get a chance to play either.  You would think it was Bruce "I don't play Dodgers" Boche managing, rather than Alvin Dark.

Drysdale pitched the bottom of the 8th.  He struck out Elston Howard and Carl Yaztremski, then got Joe Pepitone to fly out.

In the 9th, he got the first batter, Luis Aparicio to fly out.  Brooks Robinson singled, and Drysdale closed out the game by getting Bobby Richardson to hit into a double play.


 1965 brought us Koufax and Drysdale once again. They tag-teamed with Drysdale pitching in the 5th and Koufax the 6th.

Drysdale only saw one batter, getting Rocky Colavito to ground out.

Koufax saw 5 batters in the 6th, struck out one, and got the win.

Wills was the starting shortstop and picked up one base hit.  The N.L. won 6-5.

Next Post:  The Dodgers reappear in the '80s.

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