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Dodgers All-Stars in World Championship Years Part 2 1959

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Here's the Dodgers that were selected to the two - yes, TWO - All Star games that were played in 1959.

They actually played two A.S. games during the years 1959 to 1962.  Why two?  The long story can be found in an article here.  The short answer is, they did it for money.

It seems the players felt they weren't being paid enough to play in an exhibition game, so in order to increase revenues, MLB established a second game, with part of the proceeds going toward the player's pension fund.  After a few years of that experiment, they decided to return to just playing one game and simply paying the players more in the first place. 

In the first year of double dipper All-Stars, Game 2 was played at the L.A. Coliseum. Here are the Dodgers who made the grade...


GAME 1 -  In the first of 8 trips to the All Star game, "Knock 'Em Down" Drysdale dominated.  He was the starting pitcher, throwing three no-hit innings, while striking out four.  He struck out Nellie Fox, Al Kaline, Rocky Calavito and Early Wynn.  He was the winning pitcher.

GAME 2 - Drysdale had mixed results in the second game.  He pitched 3 innings, striking out 5.  However, he was also lit up for 2 home runs (Frank Malzone and Yogi Berra) and gave up 3 earned runs.  This time he was tagged with the loss.

For an added bonus, our Wally Moon card is brought to us courtesy of my latest trade with today's birthday boy, Mr. Night Owl.

GAME 1 - Wally Moon started in LF.  He had a walk and struck out twice, once looking. 

GAME 2- Moon again started in LF.  He walked twice, flied out and hit into a double play.

GAME 2 - Charlie Neal had one AB and he grounded out.  But as you can see in the card above, Neal followed through on that '59 season to become a World Series hero for the Blue.

GAME 2 - Gilliam had a good game considering he didn't even start.  He had 2 ABs with one solo home run and one walk. 

Next Post: 1963. Welcome to the All Stars, Mr. Koufax.

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