Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"O" No, It's A Quickie With A Bird Blog!

Hey everybody,

Here's a quick and easy trade with Ryan, over at "O" No, It's Another Orioles Blog.  

Ryan's got a great list of cards over at his blog for trade. I highly recommend stopping by to see what catches your eye.  That's what I did, and I found a cool coupla cards to add to my collection. 

First up is a 2013 Bowman reprint of Hank Aaron's RC.  I saw a couple of folks comment at the "O" No blog that the blue borders are unattractive.  True, that blue border isn't really my cup of cardboard tea, but it's Hank Aaron's RC!  I know it's a reprint, but it's Hank Aaron's RC!  I hadda have it!

The other card I hadda have is this very cool "Dealing Aces" issue, featuring Mr. Kershaw...

I'd seen this Kershaw card floating around the blogs, and I was getting the feeling that I was the only Dodger blogger in town without this one.  Thanks to Ryan, that's no longer the case.

What good is a quickie without a little something to remember it by?   Ryan included this little gem...

Nice touch, buddy.  Thanks for the trade! 

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