Monday, July 22, 2013

Former Red Cardboard Finds A Dodger Blue Home

Hey everybody,

It's been way too long since I've had a trade to post about (hint, hint, all y'all out there), but just this afternoon I got a PWE in the mail.

The second nice thing about today was, this trade was the FIRST between Matt from Red Cardboard, and me.  Cool, huh?

Of course, the name of Matt's blog is a dead giveaway to the team he collects.  It was either a tribute to the sheer massiveness of his collection of Reds, or a painful exposure of my lack of Reds trade bait to offer, but it took a while for me to dig up some Red cardboard he didn't already have.  I finally dug up some trade bait for him to bite on, and we settled on a deal.  I mean, it was a fantastic deal.

Let's begin with a cool RC of our cool Korean rookie pitcher.  Being a southpaw myself, I have an extra penchant toward collecting cards of  Dodger left-handers.

I dig the casualness of this photo.  Since it comes from 2013 Topps Archives,  I like the way it has that throwback feel to the old days when players had their photos taken at whatever high school baseball field they were holding practice at.  This card also looks tailor made to be autographed.

 Bison?  Slice him, dice him, and DL him - because there's a new gun in town.  And this guy's bat barrel is red hot.  I don't watch ESPN much, but I'm curious if that east coast biased network has even mentioned the way Hanley here has resurrected his career in a very serious way.

This card design is right on for the photo and the feeling of excitement that Ramirez is bringing to Dodger fans.

Speaking of my penchant for collecting Dodger southpaws...
The 'K' Kids.  'Nuff said.

Now you know a trade aint a trade without some vintage.  So Matt and I rolled it like that.  Check it out...

Al Downing surrounded by some pretty decent company.  Wanna know the answer to a trivia question - What pitcher gave up number 715 to Hammerin' Hank Aaron?  Look at the Dodger on the card.

Finally, a little beat up, a bit chewy, and still rockin...

Sal "The Barber" Maglie from 1957 Topps.   As Mick Jagger once said, "A little worse for wear and tear...", but definitely the ace of the trade for me.

Thanks, Matt, for a great trade.  Lookin' forward to the next one.  


  1. Glad to get a trade in, brother. And what good is vintage if it hasn't been loved a little (or a lot) over the decades?

    1. Yup - and I'll love that Sal The Barber for the next few decades.