Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dodgers All Stars In Championship Years 1981 1988

Welcome, beloved readers and treasured trade partners, to the final installment covering the past Dodgers who participated in All Star games during their respective World Championship years.

The last time the Boys in Blue won the W.S. was back in the 80's.  We had bookend victories, at the start and end of the decade.  First up...


 Gary Carter hit two HRs and he was MVP.   The '81 squad featured a whopping half-dozen Dodgers!  Bruce Bochy's head woulda exploded!  And I woulda loved it...

Garvey didn't start, but he had two ABs, and he hit a double.

Pay-Dro  Goo-Rare-Oh pinch hit and struck out.  No worries, as Pedro went on that season to become an MVP in the World Series. 

Happy Hooten pitched a 1-2-3 fifth inning and struck out George Brett.   He got hammered in the sixth, giving up 3 small ball runs. 
Lopes started at 2B.  He came up once, and walked. No SB.

Fernando was the starting pitcher.  He gave up 2 hits, but no runs.

Dusty Baker entered the game in the 6th, and had two ABs, hitting one single.  At least he didn't jinx the National Leaguers, as they won 5-4.

1988's contest was played in Oakland-Alameda Stadium.  The National Leaguers won 2-0.  The N.L. returned once again at the end of the '88 season in the form of the Dodgers...

Bulldog entered in the 5th inning.  He got Harold Reynolds, Kirby Puckett and Wade Boggs to ground out.  Now-Dodger Manager Damn Mattingly walked.

He went out and pitched the 6th as well, facing the minimum batters.  Tony Fernandez, George Bell and Dave Winfield went out 1-2-3 against the Bulldog.

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