Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dodgers All-Stars in World Championship Years Part 1 - 1955

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With the All-Star festivities taking place, and almost no Dodgers on the All-Star team, I had to find a way to get the Boys in Blue (and myself) involved.

So I figured, how's about a positive celebration and take a look at which Dodgers made past All-Star teams in the years we won the World Series.  I'll include cards from their actual All-Star years when possible.  When I can't show a player's card from that year, you'll know that's a hole in my collection -  and i need my fellow blogonauts to help me fill that in.   

First up are the All-Stars from the Brooklyn Dodgers' first and only championship season -


The '55 contest was the 22nd A.S. game, and it was held in the home of the Milwaukee Braves.  
The National Leaguers came back from a 5-run deficit and won 6-5.  Stan Musial hit the first pitch he saw in the 12th inning for a walk off, victory home run.  Yet another reason why he's called "The Man". 
 Campy was selected for the game, but he had a leg injury and didn't play. 

Newk pitched a scoreless inning with one strike out.

Hodges pinch hit and knocked out a single.

The Duke of Flatbush started in CF and went 0 for 2.

Next Post: 1959 - And they played TWO games!

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