Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bet You Don't Have One of These...or One of These...or These

Aloha, everybody, 

Last week I ran the Lucky 13 Game. Thanks to those who participated, from the first try at joining the 13, and to those who played along to the end. 

I hit the post office today with the first load of packages and a box. Keep your eyes open out there for your prizes. There are just a couple remaining that need to be packaged up and sent out. 

As I mentioned when I started the game, I was influenced by a couple of games before mine. The first being run by the Big Daddy of Traders, JayBarkerFan, my friend and brother, Wes. 

As if to underline the fact he's the Big Daddy, Wes announced today the World Cup of Trading, coming soon to his blog, Willinghammer Rising

But I digress....I won a big box o' fun in Wes' Big Fun Game, and as promised, I'm here to show off some more of the loot from my prize. Have you got one of these...

I've got autographed balls from Tommy Lasorda, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, and a couple of others, but this ball is going to take its place right alongside those storied names. JBF is just as much a legend in our community, and this was the favorite thing to come out of that box. 

That said, there was a whole lotta other stuff (here's the link to the first peek at that big box). Have a gander at this...

Inside was a couple of brand new vintage boxes of 1986 Topps Baseball Champion Superstars - with gum! 

The cards are slightly curved after sitting for 30 years in the boxes, but once freed, you can see they are pristine and glossy. Mint and surprisingly beautiful. 

Pete Rose is wearing the same face he probabbly made when the Hall of Fame turned down his petition to be on the ballot this year. How about The Kid flashing his Million Dollar Smile?

Check out Madlock as a Dodger, and Reggie as an Angel. 

Classic Scmidtty, Mattingly wearing the same blank look he had as the Dodgers manager, and the gum! Even that's in mint condition. This is a very cool box of cards. 

I have two boxes, so check out the checklist, and maybe someone out there wants to trade for the other box. 

I'll be showing off more goodies from this big box prize as the days go by. 


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  1. The brotherhood is for life bro. Ill always be around! Promise wont lose touch