Saturday, June 10, 2017

Matt Takes Number 12

Aloha, everybody, 

We're coming into the final picks for the Lucky 13 game. My friend Matt from Bob Walks the Plank has chosen number 12...(there's that basketball lot)...

A couple of cachets, a bunch of promos, and a Vince Carter relic. 
That leaves the final pick of the game to Night Owl. 

N.O., I remember when you signed up, you suspected Dodgers goodness. I wonder if you spotted any Dodgers goodness in an earlier prize that caught your eye, or if you want to take your chances with the final prize remaining. 

You can choose Number 3, or possibly steal...
Prize 1: 50's Vintage 
Prize 2: Wheaties Boxes
Prize 4: Clemens, Schmidt, Ripken
Prize 5: Football Lot
Prize 6: Young Stars, Rookies
Prize 7: 70's Vintage
Prize 8: Autos, Relics Lot
Prize 9: Dodgers Figurines
Prize 10: Inserts Lot
Prize 11: Mixed Packs Lot 
Prize 12: Basketball Lot
Prize 13: 60's Vintage (Locked) 



  1. Stealing No. 8, Stealing Home!

  2. I knew there was no way I was hanging on to that one. Was hoping it would at least go to a Dodger fan so I'm happy. I'll steal the '50s vintage lot. Thanks!