Friday, June 9, 2017

The Lost Collector Chooses Prize Number 5

Aloha, everybody, 

Let's get the Lucky 13 Game up and running early today (at least, early on the west coast). 

The Lost Collector has already picked up a couple of bonus prizes while waiting his turn. He's got his chance and taken Prize Number 5, the first non-baseball related prize of the game, the Football Lot...

There's a couple of promo cards, a Barry Sanders mini, and a couple of autos. 

In honor of the first non-baseball prize, let's have a bonus giveaway. Anybody can try for the bonus except for The Lost Collector and our next contestant...John Miller. To win the bonus, just include the word bonus somehow in your comment. 

John, your choices are: Numbers 3, 9,10, 12, or possibly stealing...
Prize 1: 50's Vintage 
Prize 2: Wheaties Boxes
Prize 4: Clemens, Schmidt, Ripken
Prize 5: Football Lot
Prize 6: Young Stars, Rookies
Prize 7: 70's Vintage
Prize 8: Autos, Relics Lot
Prize 9: Dodgers Figurines
Prize 11: Mixed Packs Lot 
Prize 13: 60's Vintage (Locked) 



  1. Bonus - finally got here on time for one!

  2. Ki-Jana a Bengals fan, that was not nice of you, Oscar! Thank you for the prize.

    1. Ha! Hopefully those earlier Yankees bonus prizes made up for that :)