Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Lucky 13 Break Out of the Box Quickly (Updated)

Aloha, everybody, 

Special note for Numbers 14-20 who missed the first cut: Stick with us, because you can still play along for the bonus prizes. Watch and read for updates.  

And we're off. Matt Prigge wastes no time and chooses Number 2...

It's the Wheaties Box Assortment. 

From L to R:

NFL All-Pro Running Backs Thurmon Thomas, Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen 

Super Bowl 30th Anniversary Starr, Bradshaw, Aikman 

The Iron Man Cal Ripken Jr. 2131 Games Streak 

Raiders Return to Oakland (After LA): Bay Area Exclusive (I got those myself up there) 

Hope you like the prize, Matt. I think it's a solid base hit. 

Raz, You're up next. You can steal the Boxes or choose Number 1 or 3-13 


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