Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jon's Second Pick is Snake Eyes, Number 11

Aloha, everybody, 

Jon stole the 60's Vintage and then Gavin stole it from him. That prize is now locked up, and Jon chooses Prize Number 11 with his second pick. It's the Mixed Packs Lot...

It's a couple of DonRuss wax packs and a rack pack, Triple play, and a couple of value packs of 2017 Topps flagship and Archives. 

The Lost Collector let us know he's going to make his pick tomorrow morning. He'll be choosing from Numbers 3, 5, 9,10, 12 or possibly stealing...
Prize 1: 50's Vintage 
Prize 2: Wheaties Boxes
Prize 4: Clemens, Schmidt, Ripken
Prize 6: Young Stars, Rookies
Prize 7: 70's Vintage
Prize 8: Autos, Relics Lot
Prize 9: Dodgers Figurines
Prize 11: Mixed Packs Lot 
Prize 13: 60's Vintage (Locked) 

Let's run a quick bonus prize before we shut down for the night. Hopefully, it's not too late for the east coasters. This bonus is a bit different. The winner is the first who can identify who that is peeking out from behind the baseball packs. Not eligible: Jon and The Lost Collector.



  1. My guess is Clayton Kershaw.

  2. I just take a stab at it since I think it's Kershaw too...I'll say Jim Thome, although I don't know why he'd be covering his mouth...

    1. Nice try. Your first take was right...Kershaw.

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  4. I like where your head is at, Roja.

    Hmmm. This is tough. Lot of great stuff to streal, but I'm going to go with Door #5.