Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Dodgers and Mets are Angry Now - But It's All Good in the Blogosphere

Aloha, everybody, 

In the battle of coasts, the Dodgers are playing the Mets here in L.A., and boy, is that series getting hot. The Dodgers have been pounding the Mets over the past few games, and those New York boys aren't too pleased about it. 

It seems the Dodgers-Mets rivalry has really gained steam over the past few years, and it's not really the friendly kind. That said, at least out here in the blogosphere (and in Twitter), die-hard Mets fan, Mark Kaz and I have found common ground and friendship through our hobby. 

Mark sent a PWE to me way back in May, and I'm finally getting around to posting about it. In fact, I've got a few trades that have been waiting on the corner of my card table for me to scan and write about. 

I think I can speak for others when I say, if you've sent a PWE or package, rest assured I appreciate it and I'll eventually post about it. I apologize if it takes a bit longer than we both expected. 

Since it's Dodgers vs Mets week, I figger the best PWE to start off with is Mark's. Let's check out what he sent...

Mark sent along the last card I needed for my 1977 Topps Dodgers team set. Aside from some splotchy ink runs on the left, this card is a beauty. 

Poor ol' King here never got higher than AAA ball, but that's a lot further than me. 

Here's a guy who did punch his way out of the minors. After a long batting slump and an outfield collision with Yasiel Puig that nearly killed him, young Joc is finding his power swing again. 

Gimme Fernando. Gimme all yer Fernandos. Right now. 

You can barely see it on this scan, but EK's mouth is agape because he can't fathom what the heck he's doing superimposed on a cliffside trail (complete with wooden handrail) high above the California coastline. 

 Montas had a strange, short stint with the Dodgers that ended with a broken rib and him being traded to Oakland for Rich Blister-boy Hill. 

This is a beautiful, sparkly card of a guy who was a decent pitcher for the Dodgers, but was eventually traded away. He was also appreciated for the giggles that ensued when we referred to him as "Ball-slinger". 

 Now we're talking. Here's one of the greatest ball-slingers of them all. Can't have too many Koufax's. 

Or too many of this guy, who was a favorite on both my and Mark's teams...

Dig that California beach boy hair shining in the California sun. 

As Piazza reminds us, the LA/NY connections run deep, and no beef on the field will ever break those ties for us collectors. 



  1. The only real NY vs LA beef there'll ever be is between the Yankees and Dodgers. They both need to see eachother in the World Series more often :P.

  2. No worries, ZZ. LA is big and bad enough to take on both the NY teams :P
    That said...I agree they need to meet the Yankees more often in the WS, because we still need some payback for Reggie's cheatin' hip!