Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Cardmas Gift from P-Town Tom

Aloha, everybody, 

I know all of you in the states with real winter weather will probably snort and chuckle at this - but dang, it's cold here in LA tonight. As I type this, it's 48 degrees and dropping. Brrrrr! 

Well, if there's one thing that's guaranteed to warm up a chilly blogger's scanner, it's a PWE filled with Christmas greetings of cardboard, and one just arrived at ATBATT headquarters from P-Town Tom, the man behind Waiting 'Til Next Year.  

Let's see what Tom sent out to the freezing west coast from balmy Illinois...

Leading off are a couple of Dodgers from the last LA squad to win all the marbles. The card above featuring a young Bulldog and the one below with Gibby, the MVP, are from a 44-card set that Fleer put out in 1989. 

This League Leaders set has an impressive checklist that already boasts 8 Hall of Famers, with more to join, I'm sure. 
What a great shot of Gibson in mid-bat swirl as he sizes up the opposing pitcher. The mighty Casey, indeed. 

Next up is one of my favorite present-day Boys in Blue...

However, this time A-Gon is pictured wearing the red,white and green of Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. 

This card is a beauty, with a simple design that manages to deliver all of the relevant information on the card front without those details becoming distractions from the great player photography. This is instantly one of my favorite Gonzalez cards. 

 Speaking of current Dodgers, P-Town dropped in an Opening Day card of the kid who came on the scene like dynamite, only to fizzle out in the second half like a dud. 

While his bat went cold like it is outside (it's now 46), his most excellent fielding speed and skills with the leather kept him in the starting lineup. Here's hoping young Joc can re-light the fuse for 2016. 

Closing things out is one of my favorite mercenaries to pass through Chavez Ravine...

I can't get enough Rickey cards, especially when he's wearing a Dodgers uniform. 

That said, this card design leaves me a bit cold - like it is tonight! 

While I like the stadium pennants running along the top, overall, the card looks like they cut and pasted Rickey onto the flag of Finland - or at least what I imagine the Finnish flag looks like. 

Nevertheless, it's a brand new Rickey card for my collection, and for that, I'm thankful. Besides, when we flip the card over we discover something that makes this card very appropriate for this PWE. Can you spot what it is?

Check out Rickey's birthday. That's right, it's Christmas day. Cardboard Santa strikes again!

THANKS for the great cards, Tom. They're truly a great batch of winter warmers. 



  1. I'm such a sucker for the WBC cards. When Tribute came out with the WBC set I snagged up as many Pirates as I could. Jason Grilli was on Italy and Jameson Taillon played for Canada.

    1. I'm with you on that one, Matt. I've gotta find the other Dodgers who played in it, but can't seem to find a source for which MLB players participated.

  2. It was balmy but Old Man Winter decided his vacation was over. It was nice while it lasted.
    Glad you liked the cards and Happy Holidays!

    1. Great cards, thanks a bunch. Happy Holidays, buddy!