Saturday, December 19, 2015

Han Solo Figurines Step Aside - Here Comes My Cardmas Action Figure

Aloha, everybody, 

Earlier this week I received a package from Dennis and Too Many Verlanders. Inside was a fun assortment of Cardmas goodies. We'll get around to that surprise mini-package in a moment, but first let's start off with highlights from the cards portion of the package and a mercenary...

 I always liked when it was Penny's turn in the rotation as he was a solid bet for a good outing. However, he isn't the Dodger I ordinarily associate with number 31. 

More pitchers...

Some folks don't think there's anything special about these RC shields, but they still catch my eye. I want 'em. 
 Gimme dat shield! Beautiful base card.

This is a perfect card for my collection, as Kuroda was a favorite of mine and he did not appear on a lot of product as a Dodger. 

I admired Kuroda's heart and consistency, and I wanted him to remain in LA., but flawed ex-G.M. Ned Colletti saw things differently. He pursued flawed Aaron Harang, while letting Kuroda slip away to pitch for the Yankees. 

As it turned out, not only has Kuroda's heart and rubber arm kept him going strong, but just last week Kuroda signed a contract to pitch for his previous Japanese team, the Hiroshima Carp. He is now the highest-paid ever Japanese baseball player. 

Nice going, Colletti! At least you were consistent as well. 

The words "trade bait" play an important role in the ATBATT name, and there's a very real reason for that. As we all have our personal reasons for blogging, trading with other collectors was why I joined our community, and will always be at the heart of this humble little blog. 

That said, Dennis sent me a fistful of trade bait that I can immediately offer up to football, college football, and USC Trojan collectors. Up for grabs, folks, with but one comment: Go Bruins...

Cards were not the only thing in this fun package. Here's an "also"...

 This almost laptop-sized cardboard sandwich is protecting something inside...

 It's a whole lotta somethings! 

Oversized Tom Cadiotti! 

 Even more over-sized and headless 1998 Pinnacle Raul Mondesi!  This looks like it was ripped because something was inside, but I have no idea what that hidden treat was. 

The real jewel of the batch was this super-sized Studio portrait of a lost Dodger who went on to become a legend for the White Sox...

Lots of Dodger fans, me included, loathed the day the Dodgers traded Konerko for Jeff Shaw. To this day, many Dodder collectors, me included, love to get our hands on early Konerko issues, with him wearing Dodger Blue.

This is available for trade as well, just in case any Konerko super collector might be interested. 

Now for the grand finale of the package. While it wasn't the biggest item in the package, it packs a fun punch. We saw this before...

What's in there? I spy a Dodgers helmet and arm. I grabbed the scissors and carefully snipped the packaging open. 

Whoa - it looks like Raul Mondesi! Without seeing the uniform number, there's also a decent chance this might be Juan Samuel. 

Is there anybody else out there like me? 

I don't immediately toss this out, because I think I may need this little packing to send some currently unknown something out to someone else....someday.

But I digress. Back to this very cool Rauuuuuuuuuuullllll Mondesi Starting Lineup figure...

That explains this matching Starting Lineup card ...

To everybody rushing the gates to get the latest Han Solo action figure, brought to you by Disney, I ask, does Solo have Kung-Fu action, swiveling hips and neck like Rauuuuuullll? 


Raul immediately slid into my bobbleheads display. See below...

THANKS Dennis, for the fun package and new additions to my collections. Raul says "Gimme a big cardsphere high five!"



  1. "He (Colletti) pursued flawed Aaron Harang, while letting Kuroda slip away to pitch for the Yankees."

    And then Kuroda had a career MLB year where he threw a career high 219.2 innings pitched to another 3-something ERA in teeny tiny Yankee Stadium.

    I'm such a Hirok fanboy that I traded for an entire tribute set released to him in Japan lol.

    1. Yeah, I figured he would do that for the Yankees, and I'm really glad for his successful career.
      Did you write a post about that tribute set? I'd love to see you feature it.
      P.S. Your package arrived today. One word - WOW!!!!!!!!!
      And...message received about your request. Consider it done.
      Again - WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!! Thanks, buddy!!

  2. I had a 1998 Pinnacle Frank Thomas oversized card and they had a regular sized card inside, basically they are rip cards.

  3. Love Starting Lineups!He looks great with your bobble display ;)

    1. Thanks, man. Maybe I'll do a post about that display case in detail later.