Sunday, December 6, 2015

Old Aint Always A Bad Thing

Aloha, everybody, 

A couple of weeks ago I received a surprise PWE from a reader. Not just any reader, mind you. 

Although he doesn't blog, this guy is familiar to many of us because he is very much a part of our community. He comments on our posts, he's a most excellent trade partner, and...sometimes he just drops surprise cards on us because he's cool like that. Join me in appreciating and enjoying the fistful of vintage that came to me from Mark H. 

I absolutely dig the old-time World Series subsets, so when the first card I saw out of the envelope was this one...I knew it was gonna be a good day.


As I flipped past each one, it exposed another WS card underneath! I said to myself - but out loud, "No way!" 

These cards are 43 years old, and they still rock! Dig the old time shinguards on catcher Elrod Hendricks from the O's. Stirrups! Dirt flying at the old stadiums. That smoky photography of the day.
How often do you see a PITCHER with a dirty uni like the Pirates' Nelson Briles here? It's the freakin' World Series and homeboy wants to win. 

Mark's given me a good head start toward completion of the subset, so I now have some very cool cards to be chasing.  For those who are so inclined, I've listed the remaining cards I need here on the page of subsets I'm chasing. Any help would certainly be welcome.

Mark sent over lots more '72's. In keeping with the World Series vibe, here's card #1 from that year's set...

Here's one for you, Matt.


Got pitching?

"At least that crease isn't running through my baby blues."

Note the old time California state halo sleeve patch.

Note the old time chaw-cheek.
You gotta love these...


How about this one, Matt?

"And then one day...some kids from the neighborhood carried the groceries home for my mother. Do you know why? It was outta respect..."  

 Rounding out the PWE was more vintage; this time Dodgers...





Closing things out was a bit of modernity...

THANKS, Mark, for the wonderful surprise cards.



  1. Old man Ross! He looks so weird in a Dodger uniform and without a gray goatee. Those boyhood photos of the stars should make a comeback too, such a cool idea.

    1. Yeh, I agree about bringing back that boyhood photos idea.

  2. Mark knows how to drop vintage on a blogger! I love those 72s. Great stuff!

    1. Yup. he's already got me half way home on that WS subset.

  3. You were Hoyled! So many Pirates in there, people may have thought it was a Bob Walk post.

    1. LoL, you got that right, but I do happen to collect several Pirates.

  4. It was my pleasure. I love sending out vintage dupes to all the guys and gals who do the work to put posts together. I wish I had the complete W.S. Subset to,send your way. Enjoy

    1. The whole bunch would be nice, but now I have something to chase, and that promises more rewards to come as I acquire the rest.
      Thanks again, Mark!