Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Cardmas!

Aloha, everybody,

I'm happy to report the winds of winter are blowing holiday giveaways all around the cardosphere. 

Long before I conceived Operation PWE, one of the Three Kings of Cardboard Generosity, Wes from JayBarkerFan's Junk, sent out the card blogger's favorite rallying cry of "Free Cards!", as a holiday gift to all of us. 

Yesterday Cardboard Santa dropped off Wes' package and inside I found a fistful of yuletide cardboard. Let's check it out...

Anytime Sandy Koufax is the first card spotted, you know it's gonna be a good batch of cards. This one will fit right into my Hallmark Heroes binder page. 

Next up, a heavy hitter from Brooklyn...

Gotta love the old time stadium backdrop. This was when MEN played the game. 

Paulie Lo Duca struts in a great shot showcasing the Tools of Ignorance. 

And on the back...

 Holy cardboard Christmas, Batman! Super limited - numbered 09/25! I'm very happy to join this exclusive Lo Duca club.

Now we step into the Minnnnnnnniiiiiiii Zone...

Anything can happen in the mini-zone, such as a young Dusty Baker lurking - and having your mini transformed into a sticker! 

But how about this for a mini-zone zapping?

It's a gold mini parallel, of the big man out of the Dodgers' bullpen. Bringin' the heat on a Sunday afternoon home game. 

But the Christmas magic wasn't done yet. When I flipped the card over, i noticed....
It's also a sweet limited edition gold mini. There's only 62 of these bad boys in the world, and Cardboard Santa brought one to me. 

THANKS, Wes, for a fun Christmas package! 



  1. That Koufax is so picturesque and beautiful that it should be an actual Hallmark card!

    1. It's hard for Mr. Koufax to ever look like anything less.

  2. Replies
    1. Just did and updated the post accordingly. Wow - I don't know how I missed that.
      Awesome,Wes! Thanks again and Happy Holidays

  3. Tony L and I were just talking the other day on my blog how it would be kind of cool to collect guys like Koufax but only on newer cards. As long as your not chasing "hits" it would be a pretty economical venture.

    As always Wes delivers again. He just sent me a package in the mail, but I haven't opened it yet (Yours came as well, so thanks in advance).

  4. Ha ! You had better open mine first because there's no way I can follow a JBF package
    I totally agree with the strategy of chasing the old HOF greats on modern cards.

  5. Those Mini parallels are pretty rare. Pinks are around /25 and Blacks are /5. Even the base cards are only a few thousand, but un-numbered.

  6. Yeah, it was such a cool surprise to get that one. I truly feel honored that Wes sent it my way.