Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Curse Of The Billy Goat Finally Gets A Baseball Card

Aloha everybody, 

Welcome to the final post presenting the fantastic package of winnings that Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown sent out to me when I took second place in his fun World Series contest. 

Gavin packed so much cardboard into my winnings package that it was going to take more than one post to cover everything. Since the actual World Series took five games to complete, I broke up the presentation of my prize into a series of five posts. 

This is the final, the shortest, and perhaps the best post of them all, because now I can show off the awesome custom cards that Gavin crafted.

First up is the custom that I requested. In my cardboard travels, I've seen plenty of cards covering lots of wacky happenings from the world of baseball, but one thing I haven't seen is a card commemorating the legendary Billy Goat's Curse which has kept the Chicago Cubs out of the World Series since 1945. 

Presenting, in the style of the Topps Kmart Memorable Moments set from 1988: The custom Curse of the Billy Goat card...

Cardboard awesomeness!
 And the back...

Better still, that card was not the only custom I received from G. He dropped in a surprise custom for me, which was so good, I didn't even peg it as a custom until I was sorting the cards for my binders a couple of weeks later...

One reason I didn't realize it wasn't an original is because I took it for granted that of course Topps would honor the venerable Vin Scully on a baseball card. 

Gavin chose the perfect photo and created something that could stand up to anything the Topps crew would come up with.  

THANKS for that great prize package you sent to me, G. Much appreciated, and it was a heckuvalot of fun. 



  1. Those are flawless! I wouldn't have known either was a custom unless you told me. Although, stupid curse stuff... lol

    1. Yeah, that curse is a drag! Personally, I believe. Lol

  2. They were fun to make.. thanks for the motivation! I also meant to include my two Sandlot customs for you, but forgot.. Next time I send you cards, I'll try to remember.

    1. Oh man, I have been wanting those since I saw them elsewhere.
      They will be well-loved in my collection.

  3. Replies
    1. Yup. Gavin knocked it out of the park on this one.

  4. Great customs. Thought the Scully was a real Topps card.

    1. He totally got it by me. I didn't even notice until I read the back.

  5. That Scully is no Bob Walk but still really cool.