Monday, December 21, 2015

Say JENGA When You Publish W/Out A Title and When You Get A Great PWE

Aloha, everybody,

The flurries of Cardmas continue with tonight's cards coming to us courtesy of Tony B and Wrigley Roster Jenga. This is the first time we've swapped cardboard, and I must say, just as he knows how to decorate a Cubbie Christmas tree, good ol' Tony knows a thing or two about stuffing a Cardmas package.  

Let's start off with one of my favorite things, a southpaw Dodger pitcher...

  Early Clayton Kershaw cards - Not a bad opening act. 

How about a Korean lefty... 

Complete with an All-Star Rookie cup
 And now my favorite lefty bat in the current Dodgers lineup, whom Vin Scully refers to as "The butter and eggs man"...

My previous post featured a Raul Mondesi Starting Lineup figure, and here come a few more Mondesis, of the cardboard variety...

Most cards feature Mondesi at bat, so I'm glad this Leaf Studio card has Mondesi showing off his throwing arm, "El Canon". Raul even has a tattoo of a cannon on his arm.
This was the first Rauuuuuul card that I ever pulled from a pack, and it remains my sentimental favorite.


Fleer Ultra was a product that I ripped plenty of packs of back in the day. 

But Tony B doesn't just send a few base cards. No way, baby. Inserts and special cards are par for the course as well. Leading off is a very nice white framed 2014 Gypsy Queen Han Ram...

Here's a shiny, shiny mini. this is one beautiful card in hand...

Now some tribute cards...

This is one of those "cards that never were". Campy was left off of the 1954 Topps checklist. 1955 Topps didn't carry him either. 
I'm usually a purist when it comes to mitts, but this two-tone job on Sutton is a beauty. 

Speaking of Dodger southpaw pitchers, the best one ever, with added photobombing kids...

You want numbered cards? I got yer numbered cards right here...

I love these Ovation cards with the tactile baseballs. This is the first time I've even seen a Dodger on one of the inserts.
Nice low number. 

Here's an old-timey Brooklyn Dodger by the name of Napoleon (Nap) Rucker...

I didn't know anything about Rucker, so getting his card was an extra treat and a chance to learn about yet another Dodger left-handed pitcher. 

Rucker threw a no-hitter against Boston and holds the all-time Brooklyn records for most NL shutouts (38) and most strike outs in 9 innings (16). Not bad, Nap! 

Last up is one of those cards you don't know you want until you have it. Remember when Will Ferrell made his Spring Training publicity stunt, playing for every team in one day? 

Topps printed baseball cards commemorating his tour, and now I've got Ferrell pitching for the Dodgers.

 He's not a southpaw, but he seems to have a decent game face. 

That was a way beyond decent Cardmas package, Tony. THANKS for all the great cards! 



  1. Man, Tony Burbs hooked you up!

  2. Glad you liked the cards; it was a pleasure trading with ya!

    1. Same here. I'm already looking forward to the next one

  3. always nice to see those '08 kershaws! oscar, i need your address...

    1. Cool. I'll shoot you an email after Christmas...or you drop me a line if you get around to it first :)

  4. I need to break the ice with Mr. Burbs too. Great trade!

    1. Yup. I'll bet he has little use for Pittsburgh cards there in Illinois.

  5. Why does Mr. Scully call Adrian Gonzalez the "Butter and Eggs Man"? Does it have something do with bringing home the bacon?

    1. You pretty much nailed it, Tom. It refers to the old days when the dairy man used to deliver. So A-Gon always delivers.