Saturday, December 12, 2015

One Man's Cardboard Dump Is Another's Christmas Bonanza

Aloha, everybody, 

I've read in ATBATT's comments and in emails that the packages from Operation PWE have begun arriving, so keep your eyes peeled out there if you haven't received yours yet. I did have one PWE returned for insufficient postage, so at least one package will be delayed. 

If you end up paying a little extra for postage on your end, I apologize for the inconvenience.  I'll admit I didn't apply over-the-top postage, as the old budget was a bit tight this time around. I wanted to send everyone's packages out at the same time, as opposed to another mailing two weeks from now. 

One more thing, friends: As Operation PWE is my humble Christmas giveaway to all of you, I don't expect you to reply with cards in kind. I won't say no of course, but it's not required or expected.

Now on to a post about Brad's cardboard dump:

While moving into a new place, Brad from Brad's Blog decided to lighten his packing, so he generously offered his cardboard reserves to the cardosphere. As you and I know, all we card bloggers need to hear is the battle cry of "Free cards!" and we're there. 

I got in a request for my team, and this is only a small portion of the awesome cornucopia of cardboard that Brad sent my way: 

Leading off is baseball's most mercenariest-ever mercenary. Although I'm disappointed to see Greinke go, I foresaw him jumping ship from a mile away. He has a history of leaving good teams for the huge payday - as he did when he dumped Kansas City for Los Angeles. Why wouldn't he eventually do the same to the Dodgers?

I think the other reason Greinke left is he rightfully saw himself as at least equal to, if not a hair better than, Kershaw - but the LA media always portrayed him as horse number two. This may have led him to seek a place where he won't have to reside under someone else, and his star can shine brightest, as it should. 

In addition to all of that, apparently the Dodgers' front office did not attempt to make any preliminary offers or send out feelers to Greinke during 2015 that would have signaled they absolutely wanted him to return. This cold approach from the Dodgers simply fed into Greinke's semi-impersonal temperament, and probably prevented any feelings of team loyalty to take hold. Thus, he remained loyal to the money.

Speaking of mercenaries, here's a beautiful, shiny hunk of cardboard featuring ol' number 99...

I fell in love with this card when it first came on the scene. Here is Dodger Stadium at its birth, with (almost) advertisement-free walls and levels, and brown, excavated earth beyond the outfield walls. 

See the sparkle reflecting off the top of Adrian's batting helmet? I remember a couple of years back Topps flagship (?) snuck in some special inserts with diamond sparkles, but I don't know if Bowman did the same. Furthermore, even if they did, I don't know if this Adrian Gonzalez card is one of those. Hmmm....
Got Steve Garvey in action? Check
In home whites at Dodger Stadium? Check
With old school stirrups? And flexed out Popeye forearms? 
Check and double check. 
Then you've got awesomeness.

 This one's got old time stadium awesomeness. Anybody know what park and bookend skyline this is?

The Dodgers traded away Pedro Martinez because they thought his small frame could not handle the rigors of a major league career. Perhaps they unfairly compared him to the long and lean physique of his brother Ramon. 

Here's young Dodger Pedro. How do you trade away this perfect form and killer game face? 

And one more shot of his brother, Stretch, absolutely bringing it...

Hundley was nowhere near a good enough hitter to deserve this great batting follow through snapshot. Then again, he does look like his eyes are tracking a pop up. 

Speaking of eyes, get a look at the peepers on Hideo Nomo here...

Can't have too many Nomo cards. Fortunately, he was on a ton of product, so I'm always coming across new ones, such as this from Fleer Tradition.

Ordinarily, I'm not a big fan of these Chasing History inserts, but I love the shiny Dodger blue on this one, and it's a meaningful record, so this Jackie card rocks. 

More Fleer Tradition, with a great shot of dugout life featuring a couple of favorite Dodgers from the early 90's - a mercenary, and a lurking Eric Karros. 

 Topps Finest, like Masterpiece cards, are always beautiful and welcome. 

And now a public service announcement for Ruben Tejada:

Eric Young demonstrates the proper form for turning two with a runner advancing hard and fast on the card below...

Note E.Y.'s body is pointed directly at his throwing target, with a securely planted pivot foot, while remaining aware of where the runner is at all times. No more fancy pirouettes when Mack trucks are bearing down on you, please, Mr. Tejada. 

Brad also included at least one "hit" card in our team packages. Here's mine...

Any Ian Kinsler or Rangers fans out there looking to add this mini-bad boy to their collection? 

Speaking of minnnnnnniiiiiiiiiis, here's a beaut with Ryu...

You can't talk about hard-charging Dodger slides without mentioning - and showing off - Rauuuuuuuuul Mondesi...

In honor of the new Star Wars movie, we'll close out this post with a  graceful slide from Lenny Harris on planet Tatooine. 

THANKS for the great cards, Brad. Don't forget to let us all know your new address so we can send some cards back your way. 



  1. Todd Hundley... a name guaranteed to make any Cubs fan groan and roll their eyes. Nice stuff here though!

  2. "This cold approach from the Dodgers simply fed into Greinke's semi-impersonal temperament, and probably prevented any feelings of team loyalty to take hold."

    Well to be fair he didn't owe the team anything. No player ever does really since teams screw over their players constantly. This may have been his last shot at a huge payday and he came off a year where he was arguably better than Kershaw, so he cashed in.

    That Finest Hershiser is a beaut.
    BTW, I got your PWE the other day, thanks a bunch. I'll have a package for you out next week :).

    1. I agree about Greinke not owing the team anything, ZZ. It certainly was going to be his last go 'round with a big time contract.

      Glad your cards got there safely.

  3. Thanks for the nice post, I had no Dodger hits left so I hope you find a trade partner for the Kinsler

    1. It's thanks to you for such a fantastic gift. Don't worry about sending me trade bait. That's the name of my blog! :)