Saturday, February 27, 2016

Binder Page Heroes - Vintage New York Yankees Edition

Aloha, everybody, 

I'm home sick today, battling a very annoying head cold. Most annoying, perhaps, was this condition forced the cancellation of tonight's poker game. 

Now that I'm home sick, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I figure I'll make myself useful and get a blog post up. 

As a Dodger fan, I certainly don't have much love for the damn Yankees, but as a collector, I've got plenty of love for timeless players captured on cardboard.  

Presenting more Binder Page Heroes, led off by my very small PC of Yankees legend, Thurman Munson. 

I love vintage "in action" shots. There's something about that old-time film processing vs today's digital shots that grabs a different part of my collecting heart.

 The tools of ignorance in full splendor, with optional New Yawk style sideburns. 

Coming up, one of the best baseball cards, ever...

 Once again, it's the grittiness of the photo that delivers the impact on these old slices of cardboard. The past becomes an almost tangible element of the card as well. 

How about an oddball Yank?

 This here is a 1984 Fun Foods pin of a very young Don Mattingly. Speaking of the quality of photography, this image looks like it was lifted from videotape. 

Some might not consider the medium, but the player to be the oddball...

But how can you not love good ol' Dock, the holder of a baseball accomplishment that will most likely never, ever be repeated?

Nor should those shark sideburns fading into the fu-man-chu style mustache ever be repeated either. 

I love it when two classic players share such a great looking card. 

The following Yankee single-handedly stopped almost every single Dodger rally in the 1978 World Series. At least, it felt like it at the time. I hate the guy, but his awesome World Series play earned my respect and a place in my collection...

Did I mention my love for timeless baseball figures captured on vintage cardboard?

 1959 Topps Casey Stengel and Don "Perfect WS Game" Larsen.

I don't know about Larsen, but had I pitched a perfect game in the World Series, I would have worn a permanent smile on my face for the rest of my life - even while sleeping. 



  1. That last Munson... So weird seeing a Yankee with facial hair!

    1. That's facial hair??
      I thought his chest hair was growing upward!

  2. That 1973 Munson is one of my favorite cards of all-time.