Sunday, February 21, 2016

You Don't Need a Patch on Your Arm to be a #Supertrader

Aloha, everybody, 

The venerable Night Owl mused yesterday about the weekend being a deadzone for the blogosphere.  

He said, "People don't read blogs much on the weekend, and on Sundays during football, it's almost pointless to put something up..."

I always figured there was a  steady group of readers who hit the blogs with a brew on casual Saturday nights or with pancakes and coffee on lazy Sunday mornings, and those would be busy times.  

But then again, I don't analyze my blog traffic as much as I should.

Night Owl is usually right when it comes to the tools of the blogging trade, so perhaps he's right once again. 

All of that said, I'm certainly hoping there will be a healthy audience for this post, because the blogger who made it possible, Tony L from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards deserves everybody to hear the trumpets blare for the outstanding package fulla Dodgers cardboard that he sent to me this week. 

 Tony is a member of the Supertraders group, but the twist in the story here is I am not

One would think Tony's hands are full supertrading with the big boys, but he's such a Super-Duper, Kick-Ass trader that he also found the time and energy to put together an awesome stack of cardboard for little ol' me. 

You see, a couple of weeks ago, I set new collecting goals and posted wantlists for Dodger teamsets. Tony took note, reached for his "Wantlist Crushing Machine" and went to work. The results were cardboard shock and awe.

1978 Topps: Wantlist slashed in half with one stroke! 

1979 Topps: Crushed! Only 3 left. 

 1980 Topps: Wantlist decimated!! Only one card left to go.

1981 Fleer: Wantlist ninja'd in half!

 1982 Topps: Wantlist COMPLETED!  Absolutely destroyed! I can't scan all these. This stack's volume would blow my scanner's circuits.

1983 Topps: Tommy sez, "This wantlist is wiped out like I used ta wipe out postgame buffets." (Only two left) 

 1984 Topps: Wantlist sledgehammered! COMPLETED!

I would be doing all of this primo Dodgers cardboard a disservice if I didn't single out a few favorites to show you all. So tune in tomorrow and check out Part Two to see those. 

However, before we do that, here's a little something for those of you who caught what this post's title alludes to. It comes from a line in one of my all-time favorite movie endings...

That scene always, always hits me - just like Tony hit those wantlists.

Ten-Hut! There's a Supertrader on the blogs! 



  1. IDK, I think maybe it's the lack of blog posts on the weekend. I usually dedicate an hour each Sunday morning (while eating breakfast) to read through my blog roll, but I always end up wanting more.
    Tony is a legitimate SUPER trader. :-)

    1. Same here. Sunday morning is blog time for me, especially during baseball season.

  2. Heck, usually the only time I know I will have to blog are on Saturday and Sunday.

    I'm just glad the cards got to you and that you still needed all of them!

    1. Man, I had no idea how much you were going to mow down those wishlists. Bloody efficient.

  3. That card of Alston and the Duke is amazing! Man, that right there is gorgeous vintage.

    1. You got that right, buddy. My jaw DROPPED when I spied that card.

  4. I really only notice a significant difference on Friday's when it comes to traffic.

    Tony is the man!

  5. good stuff! glad to see non-supertrader trades are still happening, too.

    i used to schedule my posts for early in the morning. probably cost me traffic, but who knows. i didn't really keep track.

  6. Exactly right about supertraders not forgetting us little people. LOL

    1. I never got into scheduling. Seemed like too much work compared to just hitting "Publish".