Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Trade Bait Mania

Aloha, everybody, 

I'm happy to say trade and gifting season is heating up once again, as I'll be shipping cards out to Tim B and Tony L early next week. 

Relic and swatch cards are loved or hated, and I place myself thoroughly in the love 'em camp. Heck, I'll even take a plain old white jersey swatch from the early days of the relic phenomenon. 

Which brings me to this single-colored swatch card. The fans wanted him in LA, but the Dodgers' front office didn't, so he's now pitching for the enemy. I have no need for this card...

2012 Gypsy Queen David Price 

Here are a couple of 2001 All-Star game badges for The Captain. One red bordered offense...

...and one blue bordered defense...

Next up is another card that I just have no use for. I hate this guy. 

But it's the hate that comes from respecting the way he plays the game. Now that he plays for the hated Giants - you guessed it, I hate him even more.

 2011 Topps Triple Threads Unity Relics Autographs Number 41/99

It's definitely a nice card, but I hate the guy! 

Finally, a wildcard...

 1991 Classic Four Sport Card #1 featuring Brien Taylor, Larry Johnson, Russell Maryland, and Eric Lindros.

Happy trading, aloha! 

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