Monday, February 8, 2016

Did You Ever Find Something Really Cool - A Month Too Late?

Aloha, everybody,

How about that Super Bowl? I'll tell ya, I didn't see that coming. 
And by that, I mean the crass behavior from both team's QB's. 

Cam Newton, the kid, unfortunately let his inner Bengal take over and his immaturity got the better of him. Payton Manning, the old veteran, let his inner Gordon Gecko take over and he unashamedly kissed his pizza and beer sponsors both literally and figuratively. Sheesh! 

Anyways...I've got my own flubs to write about. Over the past week I've been sorting my card collection and updating my binders. While doing that, I came upon a lovely little card that I've just gotta show you all...

 From 2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out. It hails from the era before interleague play took place just about every homestand, when those matchups were still a little special. 

About a month ago Piazza and Griffey were voted into the Hall of Fame, and lots of us bloggers were pounding the keyboards about what it all meant. 

This card would have fit the bill perfectly back then. It had all the elements for a good post - it was prophetic in its juxtaposition of the two future HOFers, who will soon be inducted into Cooperstown on the same summer afternoon.

I sure wish I had stumbled upon this card back then. 

PS - I dropped packages off at the post office today for GCRL Jim and Gavin, King of all Customs. Keep an eye out for those, boys.