Saturday, February 6, 2016

There's No Football Cards Like Old School Football Cards

Aloha, everybody,

It's Super Bowl eve, so it's the right time to bust out my humble, but awesome football card collection. 

I don't have many cards, but the ones I do have resonate deeply in the football part of my soul. 

However, some corners in my soul are dark and ironic...

 Sure, I love baseball, but football's past heroes were the ones I grew up watching on Sunday TV and the early years of Monday Night Football..

For several years Super Sunday was a wonderful thing because my favorite team and favorite Purple People Eater - were in the bowl...

Alas, all of those bright Super Bowl afternoons ended in dashed, melancholy nights because of my team's ill-fated quarterback...

 For example, one year, it was Tark's bad luck to run into this QB's team of destiny...

Then teenaged me grew up and transferred allegiance to a new team. Rough and tough, with the added grit of knowing how to win the Super Bowl...

If you're going to have a punter in your collection, make sure he's bad-ass...

 When the Raiders moved to L.A., that sealed the deal for me. 

Back in those days, having the Raiders in my back yard was great for getting in-person autos...

Past players were often available at fanfests...

Here's one for you Chicago readers and bloggers. The other day I was out walking my dog and came upon someone else in the hood who feels big time football love. Check out this custom paint job from a couple of streets over...

Let's close with one more from Johnny U...

  ...and my favorite pep talk ever. Spoiler, it aint about the Gipper...



  1. When I was very young, too young to watch football on TV, my favorite football player was Alan Page.

    I picked good.

    1. Yup, you picked good, buddy.
      What is it about you and I having the same favorite player again?
      Must be our innate eyes for talent.

      If only the Dodgers' GM's were so talented.

  2. Those are awesome! I love the old cards. I was not exposed to the NFL at a young age (like I was for baseball), so going through those old sets is like entering a beautiful foreign land.

    1. Thanks, Josh. I only have a few, but they are really great looking.

  3. For supposedly not having very many football cards, you sure have some doozies. You can never go wrong with the original Johnny football. Your Jim Otto autograph is pretty neat too!

  4. Thanks, Jon. That Jim Otto is one of my favorite autos from any sport. And he was a really friendly person to meet as well.