Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Some More Trade Bait Coming At Ya

Aloha everybody, 

Here's a fast fistful of cardboard up for trade.

Leading off is something for vintage, set and White Sox collectors...

1953 Topps #156 Chewy corners but beautiful baseball art

1965 Topps
 Anybody chasing this vintage subset?
1976 Sporting News All-Time All-Stars #350
Sure, these next couple are classics, but are they in YOUR collection yet?

1982 Topps Lee Smith RC

1980 Topps

Anybody collecting managers?

Some final vintage...

1959 Topps Words of Wisdom Don Larsen, Casey Stengel (unfortunately, the tape residue is real and on the card)

Hope you saw something you liked - Aloha!


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