Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Number 5 Type Collector Sends Over Some Number 1 Type Cardboard

Hey everybody,

Continuing on with the great packages I received before the holiday weekend, here comes the first trade that I've put together with Matthew from Number 5 Type Collection

Number 5 was a new blog for me, and if you're not familiar with Matthew's great blog, I suggest you hurry and get over there for some great information and real love for vintage cardboard - and I do mean vintage with a capital "V".  You'll see some awesome stuff over there.

Matthew was willing to part with some of that awesome stuff in order to help me in my chase for the 1958 Topps Dodgers.   Thanks to Matthew's generosity and coolness factor, I'm now 3 steps closer to completion.

First up, is Don Bessent, who had a brief, but eventful pitching career with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles versions of the Dodgers.

He pitched 3.1 scoreless innings in the 1955 World Series, certainly doing his part to help the Dodgers win their very first WS championship.  Brooklyn went to the WS again in 1956, and Don won Game 2, but the Dodgers ultimately lost the series.

Don later died from alcohol poisoning.  Having learned that unpleasant fact, I will forever see what I originally thought was water damage to the card as an omen of the alcohol tragically rising up on ol' Don to eventually consume him and take its toll.

Intellectually I know Zimmer played for the Dodgers, but I will always emotionally connect Zim with being the Cubbies skipper.  I also will never forget Pedro Martinez and Zimmer (both ex-Dodgers) mixing it up in a Yankees/Red Sox basebrawl. 

Speaking of World Series heroes, here comes the guy who's incredible outfield snag of Yogi Berra's bash in Game 7, eventually saved and sealed the win for the '55 Dodgers. 

Here's that catch...

Check out all the men in the stands wearing suits!

There are 30 Dodgers in 1958 Topps, and I now have 14.  Thanks a bunch, Matthew!

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