Sunday, September 1, 2013

You Say Dog Days Of Summer - I Say It's Raining Dodgers

Hey everybody,

My mailbox was pretty happy on Thursday and Friday as several packages and one PWE arrived chock-fulla Dodger cardboard.

A few trades came in, but the first package I received was the loot from an A&G 2013 box break that David held over at Tribecards.  I didn't see myself buying a lot of A&G this year, so this break was a good way to pick up some cards from my favorite team, and by golly, I just might catch lightning in a bottle and pick up my very first Puig RC!!

Alright, I bit.  Let's see what I caught...

 Speaking of caught, here's a great card of the Dodger's ready-steady backstop.  A.J. is a solid catcher, and one of the best in the biz in throwing out would-be base stealers. 

 Here's Dre posing like a man.  And why shouldn't he?  Ever since Damn Mattingly called him out midseason, Ethier has reinvented himself into a decent center fielder in Matt Kemp's absence, and has begun to rebuild his reputation as a clutch hitter.

Here's a sweet new addition to my Kershaw collection.  A very nice pull.

 I said Dodgers, right?  Why is there a Padre here?

 Well, the break paired up our chosen teams with one random team, and I got the Padres.  I only got 3 Padre cards, but one of them was of Volquez here.  Volquez just joined the Dodgers this week.  Even the cards I got from guys on other teams turned out to be Dodgers after all.

I love this playful smile shot of Hanley.  I don't prefer these images in the straight up photography sets, but for some reason, I totally accept them in these 'artistic' presentations.   

 Now we're cookin'.  Sandy Koufax is ALWAYS a good pull.  This Koufax might have been my favorite card from the break...but, when it rains Dodgers, it pours Puigs.....


I got the Puig.  Happiness abounds.

Thanks for pulling such great cards for me, David. Have a great holiday weekend, everybody.  

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