Monday, September 2, 2013

A Zippy Trade For Some Zappy Dodgers

Happy Labor Day, dear readers and trade partners,

I'll be hitting the grill today, but that'll be later, after the temp goes down a degree or two.  Until then, I'm inside, watching the Dodgers Rockies game, and enjoying my baseball cards.

Here come a few that I received from cool trader, Zippy Zappy. 

First up is the tragedy of 2013, poor Matt Kemp, who has missed most of the 2013 campaign.  Word is the ankle injury has healed sufficiently enough to get him some rehab time in the minors, but Bison can't seem to hit the ball yet.  He's something like 0 for 11, with only one ball leaving the infield.

Guerra here is enduring his own sad baseball story.  Before Kenley Jansen settled in as the Dodger's closer, and before the (other) baseball tragedy that is Brandon League, the Dodgers thought they had a legitimate closer in young Javy Guerra.

I was a believer in Guerra myself.  There was a period where Javy pitched very well, and he showed a great amount of composure and gravitas on the mound.  Unfortunately, Guerra lost his mojo, lost too many games, and eventually lost his place on the big club.  He's down in the minors now.  Good luck, Javy!

Below though, below is the card that makes this trade Zip Zip Zippy, Zap Zap Zappy....


Good ol' Zippy Zappy helps me to get my hands on a great Puig RC.  Dodger Blue rain abounds. 

Thanks for the cool cards, ZZ!  Happy Grilling, everybody! 


  1. Glad you liked the Puig. I just got your package today too. And you're right, the SCG cards are spreading across now. But at the same time you were wrong because the Puig I sent you wasn't your first!

    1. Haa...I totally forgot I was in that box break over at Tribecards.
      I didn't even know that other Puig was mine until I opened the package.

      Either way, the one you sent over is FANTASTIC! Many thanks, bro.