Friday, September 27, 2013

Posting about Some G -reat C-ardboard R-eally L-ate

Hey everybody,

It's been a while since my last post, so here we go.  These are cards that I received from that great blogger, Jim, over at Garvey, Cey, Russell, Lopes.   Jim posted some cards that he picked up shopping, and I promptly spotted a card that I needed from the 1959 Topps subset "Baseball Thrills".  

I inquired if it was available - indeed it was - and I not only got my hands on that great vintage card, but Jim tossed in some Dodger heroes as extras...

World Series Hero - Just ask Reggie.

Jay Howell was a great relief pitcher for the Dodgers on the 1988 World Series championship team.  He's infamously most remembered by N.Y. Mets fans as the pitcher who got busted with pine tar in his mitt during the National League Championship series.  

I'm very happy to have the Bison back with the Dodgers, just in time for the playoffs, and just in time part 2 because Andre Ethier is definitely out for the first round.  I'm also very happy that Jim tossed in a Kemp card that is new for me!

I consider Chris Gwynn to be a hero because it's possible he indirectly helped me to get his brother Tony's autograph TTM.  Back in the day, I wrote to Tony Gwynn requesting autos on some cards.  I included a short letter and mentioned to Tony that I appreciated having Chris on the Dodgers and I wished they would give him more playing time, which was completely true.

Tony signed my cards with great autos and sent them back quickly.  Maybe my mention of Chris helped...but then again, Tony Gwynn is such a class act, he probably would have done the same for me anyway. 

Finally, we have a Dodger hero from 2013.  Hanley has been a huge part of the Dodgers' success this year, and his bat is getting red hot again just in time for the playoffs.  This is my first Hanley Ramirez relic card - absolutely awesome!  Thanks a bunch for this one especially, Jim.

Well, after all that Dodger blue goodness, let's not forget the card that started everything...

Rocky Calavito is action!  What a beauty this card is.  This is my fourth card of the subset - just 6 more to go.

Thanks for the great Calavito card, Jim, and for all the bonus Dodgers cardboard!  

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