Monday, September 16, 2013

Jaybarkerfan Draft Loot (slash) Trade Bait

Hey everybody,

Here comes some new trade bait for all of you, courtesy of a great draft that was held over at the great  Jaybarlerfan's Junk.  Wes generously held a draft that was free, and offered some fantastic pakages and small groups of cards.

When he first announced his draft I thought it would be fairly simple to get in since there were plenty of spots and all we had to do was post a comment and then get picked up by the randomizer.  It didn't take too many missed rounds for me to realize every blogger around me was getting into the draft, but I was still on the outside. 

The entry selection process started to dwindle to the last 5 spaces and I started to feel like I might not make it.  Quick enough there were only 3 slots remaining, then 2, and then only one - and I STILL wasn't in!  As Vinny says, I was down to my last strike, and then the draft gods smiled upon me.  BANG!  I nailed the last slot and I was in.  Wahoo! 

Wes ran a fun and easy draft, and my prizes arrived just the other day.  I won the "Moonshots" package.  Presenting the loot...

Let's lead off with former Dodger backstop Paul Lo Duca.  Why is he trade bait?  I only want my Dodgers with Dodger gear, thank you.  That said, the awesome action photo really makes it a great card for a Lo Duca or Marlin collector.

Speaking of players whom I don't normally collect, but are featured on great looking cardboard, we get the Big Unit on a very handsome card - Numbered 411/799

How about this sweet card?  If nobody wants to trade I will be perfectly happy to keep this All-Star game - HOME RUN DERBY WORN relic in my collection.  This card is bad-ass...

Speaking of bad-ass, the  final card is the one Wes named the group of cards after.  It's a Shawn Green relic.  Yes, its got a generic scoreboard in the graphi, but I really dig this design.  The photo works great and the swatch blends in seamlessly with everything else.  

That's all for today folks.  Thanks for reading. 

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