Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trade Me (Almost) Anything Cincinatti Reds

Hey everybody,

Not a good weekend for the Blue over in Ohio this weekend.  Back to back tough losses.  Ouch.
Here's hoping the Dodgers learn a few lessons from these games and salvage the series on Sunday.

Hoping to get some Dodger mojo flowing, let's trade away some Reds. 

 Gotta love the dirty uni on a die cut. 

Gotta love that Mr. Red (or whatever he's called) sleeve patch.

Gotta love that look on Mr. Pastore's smug mug.

Gotta love cards with legends on 'em.

Nobody loves a know-it-all.  Although Cincy did put the man's number on the infield this weekend.

Didn't love him as a Dodger, but I'm sure his mom loves him.

After this weekend, absolutely hate this dude.

Who can hate the Kid?  Hitting No. 500 nonetheless.

Absolutely neutral on this cat.
That's it folks. 

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