Friday, September 6, 2013

A Trade Viewed From The Skybox

Hey everybody,

Here's one more trade, but it's not any old trade.  This was the FIRST trade with Mr. Skybox from that new blog on the block, View From The Skybox.

Meeting a new trade partner is for me, the cream of the hobby.  That was the first reason I started ATBATT, and if the trades should ever dry up, that'll be the day I hang up my cardboard guns.

 But I don't see that dark day coming anytime soon, as evidenced by the way new blogs keep popping up.  I've seen a couple of bloggers go, but I've been here long enough to see our corner of the hobby sustained by new blood joining us on a semi-regular basis.

Mr. Skybox is a great new member of the community, and his blog is coming out of the gate on fire.  He's currently running a box break; get on over there, as there's still some good teams to be chosen.  He initiated a great new idea that  I hadn't seen before - the personal repack.  He'll shoot you a repack of 100 cards in exchange for a repack from you.  Brilliant idea.

I'm proud to say I helped Mr. Skybox break in by pulling off his first trade here.  Furthermore, I'm very happy to say he's a most excellent and generous trader.  Why most excellent?  He obviously checked out my "What I Collect" page and hit on all cylinders, across the board.

Let's check out some of the cards he sent my way...

Leading off with one of my favorite rookies that played the up again- down again elevator between AAA and the big club last season.  Herrera was not a favorite of the other Dodger bloggers out there, but I liked what I saw when he played.   He showed hustle, grit and a good eye at the plate. 

Here we go now.  Can't.   Have.  Too.  Many.  Nomos.....

 Some of you out there will always associate Nomar with the Red Sox and Nomahhh.  That's fair, but I'll always link Nomar with the Dodgers.  To this day, every time I hear the opening drum roll from "Low Rider" by WAR, I see Nomar walking out to the Dodger Stadium plate in those beautiful home whites.

Long before Yasiel Puig was all the rage, the Dodgers had another young 5-tool right fielder with a cannon for an arm, Mr. Mondesi.  I've never seen these Hardball Heroes before,  and I like this design. 

Here's where Mr. Skybox separates himself into the upper tiers of traders, it's a couple of cool vintage Dodgers, and they are in no way just bench slugs...

 Sweet Lou Johnson - World Series Hero - with old time Dodger Stadium lurking behind.

One more 62 Topps Dodger.  I've sung the praises of Wally and his Moonshots at the LA Coliseum before.   Mr. Skybox wasn't done.  Nope.  He hadda go and send me...

This Great auto of our backup catcher.  "Fed X" is no slouch on the field, and neither is this great Dodger Blue signature card.  I'm digging the way Fed X slanted his sig to match the design of the card.  Nice!

Thanks for a great fistful of Dodger cardboard, Mr. Skybox.  I'm looking forward to our next trade. 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed them, thank you SO MUCH for such a great first trade, not to mention all of the kind words!

    1. earned words. You're definitely a collector and a gentleman, and you bring a great energy to these blogs.

      Looking forward to more trades in the future.