Sunday, December 4, 2016

Binder Page Heroes - Strictly Vintage

Aloha, everybody, 

Welcome to another installment of Binder Page Heroes, the ATBATT series where I pull a random page from the binders to share with you. Today it's a Vintage Edition. 

Leading off is 1954 Bowman...

I chose "The Barber" to lead off in honor of Arpsmith. I just sent a PWE to his California address, but it turns out he's moved to Kansas. 

I'm hoping he'll see this Giants card, click on my post, and read this note: Keep an eye out for a forwarded PWE, and send me your new address! What am I gonna do with all my unwanted Giants cards? 

Back to The Barber. Maglie earned his nickname from his brush back pitches which were close enough to give you a  shave. He's the only pitcher to have played for all three of the golden age New York clubs (Yankees, Giants and Dodgers). 

As a Dodger he pitched a no-hitter at Ebbits Field and was the Dodgers' pitcher when Don Larsen pitched his perfect game in the World Series. 

Bonus: Maglie has a stadium in Niagara Falls, NY named after him! 

Enough with the Giants. Moving on to 1952 Bowman...

Great art and the cardboard's in great shape. Yes, I still love you when you're 64. (There's a Beatles reference for Defgav.) 

Here's a '62 Topps that shows those Angels have been claiming LA for a long, long time...

I keep this '65 Topps card around because of the large Senators pennant. Gotta have at least one of these in my collection. I just wish I had one from a better Senators player. 

How about a Cub who went on to be a World Series Hero for the Dodgers, and then returned to the Cubs...

Johnson, an ex-Kansas City Monarch, hit two home runs in Game 7 of the 1965 World Series to clinch the championship for the Dodgers over the Twins. Topps gave him his own card for this feat, which is also in my collection. 

Sweet Lou is still around and frequently participates in pre-game ceremonies at Dodger Stadium with former players. I saw him once in the stands and he signed a baseball for me. He even signed "Sweet Lou Johnson". 

1957 Topps...

7x All-Star and 2x AL Batting champ, but he's a Red Sox.

Here's another Washington Senator, this time on 1959 Topps...

Since Fidel's been in the news lately, it's worth a mention that Pedro hailed from Cuba. 

Here's card #1 from 1960 Topps...

One of the great AL pitchers in the 50's, Wynn is another ex-Senator. 

Last up is a card from the Milwaukee Braves. 

From the back of the card: Red won the 1950 All-Star game with a home run in the 14th inning. 

It seems collecting cards from defunct teams is another facet of my collecting that I never properly realized until this post. I've happily just added hundreds more cards to my collecting goals. 



  1. Collecting cards from defunct baseball teams is the best! Cards like that are some of my favorite to look for when digging through bargain bins of vintage.

    1. Exactly! They're a fun chase and I can't wait until the binder pages start to fill out with just those teams.