Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cool Custom Baseball Art (and an OPWE update)

Aloha, everybody, 

I was recently treated to some samples of custom baseball artwork from an outfit you may know...Gypsy Oak. 

If you're not familiar with Gypsy Oak, or Jeff, the artist, I'll let his work do the talking...

On the face of this art stamp is Henry "Hi" Meyers. Meyers is an extra special player for me to receive art about, since he goes way back in the rosters of Brooklyn. 

He goes so far back that he's a pre-Dodger. Meyers played for the Brooklyn Superbas/Robins. His claim to fame was leading the NL in RBIs in 1919. Atta boy, Hi! 

Bonus: Meyers is portrayed in a cool blue checkerboard uniform. 

As the story tells on the rear, these art stamps are associated with Baseball History and Art Magazine. You can go online and check out a digital sample mag. It's worth the time. 

As you can see with the Meyers art stamp, Jeff is a very good artist. He also creates art cards, prints, and wood engravings of baseball greats from the centuries gone by. 

You can check out - and purchase -  more of Jeff's work at Gypsyoak.bigcartel.com . You can also see his work on Twitter: @Gypsyoak

Jeff was generous enough to also send these...

I'm not sure what these are, but the text leads me to believe they're game cards. I'm glad Campy got the Home Run card. 

Cool stuff, right? They're all great additions to my collection, with the added bonus of being custom artwork and repping Brooklyn. 

THANKS, Jeff. Your generosity is much appreciated. 

Here's the OPWE update: A batch of packages went out today, so if you see your zip code below, keep your eyes on your mailbox, as Cardboard Santa is on his way with some goodies.

There are still a couple more packages left to go! 



  1. The little black and white strips are from the 1950 set r423. I'm glad you hooked up with Jeff at Gypsy Oak. He does some great work

    1. Thanks for that info about the r423 set, Mark.
      I agree, he does great work!

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