Monday, December 26, 2016

Custom Rip Cards? Numbered /25? HOF Inserts? Merry Cardmas, Baby!

Aloha, everybody, 

You may recall my earlier post about the Christmas package I received from custom-card artist, Gavin @ Baseball Card Breakdown. 

Included in that package was a custom ripcard which I decided to not open until Christmas. 

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Lots of you have probably seen what Gavin put inside these ripcards, as they've been showing up in posts around the blogosphere. 

You've also probably seen the various methods bloggers have been using to open the cards. Some were methodical and careful, while others took great joy in ripping it up. I saw one that looked as though the blogger inserted tiny charges of dynamite and blew open the top of the card. 

I chose the careful route, as I wanted to be able to keep it in pristine condition (as much as that was possible) for binder display.

My method was to use an exacto knife to cut around three sides and create a door or hatch that I could carefully lift open to reveal the payoff hiding inside. 

Here's the cut open card...

I knew from reading other blogs that other ripcards contained custom mini-magnets, so I figured mine would as well. For extra coolness, G customized the magnets to fit each blogger's collection. For example, Night Owl received a Ron Cey magnet, so I was in suspense about what Dodger legend would be uncovered in my ripcard. 

Gavin mentioned to me in a Twitter conversation that mine was one of his favorite creations. The wait till Christmas was rewarded...

Out popped the patron saint of ATBATT, none other than ol' number 42 himself. Just how badass is that!?!? 

Thanks so much for including me in the ripcard project, Gavin. You hit it out of the park with your selection and the work itself. Absolutely awesome. 

This magnet gift reminded me of a guy who custom-made magnets back in the day over at the legendary Frank and Sons card show out here. I made a small collection of some of his customs, and Gavin's work is now sitting in a place of honor alongside them on my fridge. 

I'll be showing that magnet collection in a future post, so stay tuned. Until then, here's a preview...