Friday, December 16, 2016

Yes Virginia, There is a Customs Cardboard Santa

Aloha, everybody, 

Most of you know that Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown creates awesome custom cards, and it was my pleasure to receive a Christmas blast of his cardboard art. 

If you don't know Gavin's site, make sure to bookmark it and visit often because he's one of the coolest guys in our community. He's a straight up guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind, and he loves the right bands. Sometimes he confuses the order between the Stones and the Beatles, but nobody's perfect. I'm happy to say, although we haven't met in real life yet, I consider him to be a true friend.  

I hear you out there. Enough with the Brotherhood of Cardboard sappiness. Let's get to the cards!! C'mon, yo! Gimme a break. It's Christmas - and besides, Gavin definitely rocked the part of Custom Cardboard Santa this year. 

These cards are so righteous, I don't even know which is my favorite yet, so in no particular order (but leading off with a snow flurry of cold blooded baseball rivalry)...

How awesome is this card immortalizing this infamous face off between LA and SF? 

"Bring it!", said Yasiel. Gavin brung it. 

Bumgarner says, "Don't look at me." Sorry, bum. I can't stop looking at this awesome Rowdy Rivals card. 

Next up is the greatest baseball announcer of all time...

G sent me a mini Scully custom before like the one above, but that one was masterfully aged to give the impression it was truly an old card. Now I have a gem mint 10 version (maybe 9.8). Either way, it's Merry Christmas to me! 

You want more Scully? How about Vinny in the style of Upper Deck?

Heya, Red! 

On the rear, a great shot of the master in his office...

The caption quotes Vinny's farewell speech to the fans. Priceless art, folks. 

The following cards were almost a letdown because they were "just" normal cards. 

Of course, they're not really letdowns, because ya gotta love DOdgers on playing cards, and they're new to my collection. 

Back to the snowstorm of Dodgers greatness...

What's a cardboard stocking stuffer without an autograph? 

Pena was a light hitting backup catcher who double-dipped with the Dodgers. I suppose he was a nice enough guy, but that and a bat with holes in it won't get you very far in the bigs. 

At least the kid's got an autograph I can read. I'll take it! 

Finally... the big, secret gift that I wanna shake to see what's inside...

A Tony Gwynn Holiday Blast Rip Card! Holy red-nosed reinderrs, Batman! That shite is cool! 

I messaged Gavin today on Twitter and told him I wasn't sure if I should open it. Part of me wanted to keep the card in pristine condition. 

Gavin's response? "Rip it" 

And so I will. As Devo advised us, I'm gonna rip it good. But not yet. 

It's a Holiday Blast card. It's numbered to 25, for the 25th. So I'm going to keep this baby on ice until Christmas day. 

Tune in after Christmas to see what was waiting inside. 

*Shake, shake,shake* 

THANKS for the holiday cards, Gavin. They are truly a blast. 



  1. Glad you like! Your ripcard "prize" is among my favorites of the 25 that I sent out, so I think you'll be happy with it. ..though I don't want to oversell it or anything. But yeah, thanks for being a trader bud this year!

    1. You're welcome! I'm looking forward to many more in 2017.
      Keep up the good work!

  2. Screw that, I'm ripping mine before Christmas.

  3. I ripped mine already, too. Saving it for a post when things slow, because I'm sure it make for some fun reading. :)

  4. I already ripped mine as well. Of course, I'm so far behind on posting that I won't get around to posting about it until probably January at the rate I'm going.

  5. Awesome stuff! I ripped mine and was really happy!