Thursday, December 15, 2016

I've Got a Favorite Card From 2016 Too!

Aloha, everybody, 

Did you hear - well, did you read - about the contest happening at Eamus Catuli?

All we have to do to enter is blog about our favorite card from 2016 (and add a link over there to our post). Heck, I can manage that. 

Most cards that I pulled from packs this year went into PWEs and packages a couple of weeks ago, but there's almost zero chance my favorite 2016 card would have had anybody other than a Dodger on it anyway. 

So I went into my Dodgers binder to see which of those I would bestow the honor upon. 

Check this out...

2016 Rookie of the Year. 
Topps RC shield. 
Featuring an action shot of the young hero dashing out of the batting box, uniform dirtied from previous hustle and baseball heroics. 

That card's pretty good, but it only took second place. (Points were deducted for a ridiculously obnoxious "TM") 

THIS is the top card...

The Dodgers have finally restored their once top-notch farm system, and Willie Calhoun is a prime example of the talented youth quickly ascending toward their ML debuts. 

The photo is from 2015 when Calhoun was with the Ogden Raptors, but he finished 2016 with the AA Tulsa Drillers. His big bat drilled many a hole in opposing pitching staffs.  

Calhoun, the fourth-ranked Dodgers prospect, was the MVP of the Arizona Fall League's All-Star Game. Dodger fans can't wait for this young power hitter to advance to the big club and take over at second base. 

All of which makes this Calhoun Raptor card my favorite of 2016. 



  1. I hadn't heard of Calhoun yet. Thanks for introducing me to a good looking prospect and the Ogden Raptors!

    1. He's been flying under the radar, lots of folks missed out on him as a prospect. Here's a story that ran about him just today: