Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sometimes Little Things Bring Big Joy

Aloha, everybody, 

While I was going through my trade bait box and putting together goodies for Operation PWE, I came across a few cards that I found a new appreciation for. As a result, these cards are going into my binders as new additions to my PC. How did I miss these the first time I saw them? 

Leading off is Jose Lima as a DonRuss Rated Rookie...

If Lima was pitching against your team, you probably hated his on-field celebrations. I get that, but I'll gladly take a pitcher who jumps for joy over a job well done over one who scowls and curses at batters who hit home runs off of him. You know, like that bum from San Francisco. 

Lima Time came to Los Angeles in 2004 and he quickly became a fan favorite. He earned a spot in my Dodger Blue heart in Game 3 of the NLDS, when the cheatin' St. Louis Cardinals were looking like they could sweep the Dodgers. 

Lima pitched a shutout against the Cards and briefly returned hope to the Dodgers faithful. I still remember that game clearly. 

Next up is a damn Yankee...

It's a great shot of Doc Gooden being carried on the shoulders of his teammates after pitching his only no-hitter. 

Bonus: Mariano Rivera photobombing. 

How about some vintage? Check!
From a defunct team? Check!
From a bullpen coach sportin' an old-time catchers glove? Check! 
With ever-lovin' baby blues? Double check! 

I passed this next one off as junk cardboard featuring scrubs...until I looked closer and noticed young Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas as teammates! 

Bonus: Lurking Comiskey Park! 

A Hall of Fame southpaw on Conlon cardboard...

The last card up comes with a bit of a disclaimer. This one isn't actually the card I found in the trade bait box, that one went into my binder as an upgrade. This one is now taking its place, and it's a sweet classic...

Unfortunately this card is stained from scotch tape. On the bright side it features a couple of legends, Don "World Series Perfect Game" Larsen and The Perfessor. 

The simple act of going through cards from a shoebox yielded some great little surprises. Aint that what our hobby is all about? 



  1. I had myself a similar experience the other day as well. It's like trading with yourself!