Sunday, December 11, 2016

Carl Erskine's 90th Birthday is a Great Reason to Show Dodgers Vintage

Aloha, everybody, 

Someone just tweeted out that today is Brooklyn Dodgers great, Carl Erskine's birthday. 

I hadda drop everything and dig up the precious few bits of Erskine cardboard in my collection. 

******************************************************UPDATE: It seems ATBATT is now the unwitting victim of the dreaded Fake News epidemic! When I was scanning Erskine's cards, I noticed they said his B-day is December 13. 

I thought the date seemed odd, and I just now checked my phone to confirm that it's only Dec. 11 today. Even if that person who tweeted it's Erskine's birthday lived on the east coast, that would make their announcement on the 12, a full 24 hours before Erskine's actual birthday. 

Welp, I should have confirmed my source - but it will still be nice to check out some cool cardboard, right? So why not? 

First up is my oldest Erskine card, 1957 Topps...

And a beautiful card it is. It's my only card of Erskine from his playing days in Brooklyn. I'm pretty sure this is Ebbets Field. There's another Dodger right-hander taking the mound in the background and a smattering of fans further behind in the stands. 

When would this shot have been taken? Why would a starting pitcher be warming up, while another pitcher took the mound? 

The only thing I am sure about in this shot, is Erskine's dead-on stare. Eye of the tiger, indeed. 

That was his last Topps card in Brooklyn. The Dodgers moved to California, and Erskine sported the shopped LA look in 1958 Topps...

That's it for my vintage Topps. The rest of my Erskine cards are tribute and reprint style.

These two are from Topps Archives reprints that were popular back in the early 90's. This is a 1953 Topps reprint...

I couldn't find any records of a 1954 Topps Erskine, so I'm thinking this is one of those "cards that never were" creations done in the '54 style.  

That "1954" photo looks suspiciously like the same photo from his actual 1958 card, this time with the original Brooklyn hat. 

The next two tribute cards came to me via trades...

This Action Packed card features a faux-embossed surface. Nice and glossy, the raised surfaces catch the light nicely. 

Finally, from 1990 Swell Baseball greats...

Carl Erskine pitched two no-hitters and won the 1955 World Series with the Brooklyn club. Happy Birthday to one of the Boys of Summer. 



  1. Love Erskine's cards! And he's like the greatest guy for signing through the mail ever.

    1. I've never thought to try and get a TTM auto from him.
      I'm going to DM you about that later today

  2. I don't think Erskine is really warming up in that '57 shot; I think he's just posing for a picture during warmups. The guy on the mound might be warming up or throwing BP.

    Certainly a beaut of a card.

    1. Good theory on the guy on the mound.
      I love that Erskine card. Such a great photo.

  3. Good stuff! If it makes you feel better, I didn't happen to read this post until today, Dec 13.

    btw, got your package yesterday, OM.. Big thanks! I'll get a post up featuring it soon.

    1. Heh, thanks for reading, late or otherwise.
      Remember those multiple identical posts that you pointed out to me? They were supposed to be editing updates, but Blogger published them as separate posts. I had no idea that happened. Oops!
      Glad the cards got there safe!