Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crackin Dose Waxy Prizes Part 4

And THAT'S how bad-ass this Mystery Prize Package is.  Yet even more from Tom the Ripper...

Devo here played for a number of teams, including a stop for a cup of coffee with the Dodgers (1999-2000).

Did you know these things about Devo?
3x All Star
3x World Series Champ!
7x Gold Glove

Gaby Sanchez comes in from first base to defend his pitcher!

How about a dark hunk of helmet from a member of the 500 Home Run Club? And it's limited edition numbered 55/99.  I've never even SEEN a helmet card before!  That slipped under my radar and I had to be tipped off.  *oops*

Remember when the Dominican Republic owned the major leagues for imported players? Venezuela has surely but steadily been adding to the mix.

They hit the nail on the head when they printed the word "ICONS" in big letters for this man, as Stargell and his bat certainly were.  This is a great looking bat card with high rarity 24/99.

The final 2 cards from Tom are definitely not for trade.  These go straight to personal binder glory...

 Just how awesome is this sweet old timey swatch of baseball hero Killer Killebrew?

Topher himself remarked he'd like to have this card when it came up on the prize video feed.  This might be my favorite individual card from the whole package. It's numbered 155/199.  The sleek  black gloss of the card plays off perfectly against the darkened and aged grey wool.  'Game Used' next to the window says it all.

Why do I say, 'Might be"?  Because this card is also right up there...

 Mr. October.  Limited run 50/99.  Beautiful, subdued, classic card design.
OK, this one is my favorite!

One might think that's the end of the prizes.  3 words...




Next Post: Prizes from Reader Toby.  This time there's some football stuffs! 


  1. I believe that Thome is a helmet card. :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up about that. I appreciate it.

      That helmet chunk makes the card even better!

  2. Very very cool cards. I've also never seen a helmet card. I dig Devo's auto, and those last three cards are friggin' works of art.

    1. Thanks, man. I can't get over how cool those last cards are.
      You so right - works of art.