Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hope I Won't Be Waiting Til Next Year For Our Next Trade

Hey there, beloved readers and trade partners,

The Boys in Blue have the day off today, so we can all - friends and foes alike - take a breath and reflect for a moment upon that awesome, unbelievable, magical run the Dodgers have been on.

Whew! It's been grand!  

With no game today - it's time to get up a trade post.  This was my first trade with P-Town Tom over at Waiting Til Next Year, and as the title suggests, I'm looking forward to more without waiting for a year to pass.

This time I focused on acquiring a few 2013 Dodger heroes. 

 First, the Dodgers got Hanley, a great player in a great trade; then I got this, a great Hanley card in a great trade.

There was some question about whether or not Ramirez would be effective at shortstop, but he's been quite steady over there.  Besides that, Hanley's fantastic resurgence as a batting leader has become his most valuable contribution to the team.

As far as the card goes, I totally dig the "zoom" feeling of the photo, drawing my eye into the dynamics of Hanley making a play.  We also get a nice shot of his eyes focused on the ball coming off the bat.  Play Hard, indeed. 

Next up is a new addition to this year's squad, good ol' Zack.  Here we get another look at a determined and focused athlete captured mid-play.  Snap off strike three, Greinke!

This Kemp is a beautiful Blue gem.  It's shiny and sparkly - unlike Kemp's 2013 campaign up til now.  But Dodger fans expect Bison to be healthy just in time for the playoffs, and in no way is that a bad thing.
Get well soon, Matty!

This great Pay- Dro card wasn't part of our original trade talks.  Tom mentioned he won this as part of a Listia lot, and would I be interested?  Heck yes, I would!  Bang! One more card to add to my Pedro World Series M.V.P. collection.  It's great seeing Guerrero catch some love in a 2013 set - but not as great as those old time forearm sweat bands.

Finally, P-Town Tom tossed in a "just because"  extra for me...
 Kid K - how kool is that?

 Thanks a bunch for a great trade, Tom.  Here's hoping I come across some new cards of the Cubbies soon, and we'll do it all again.


  1. Nice write up! Good trade on both ends. I'll have a post up before too long with the other half of the goods. Thanks!

    1. Glad u liked ur end. I already forgot what I sent. LOL
      But my new dodgers are great. :)