Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crackin Off A Very Waxy Win

Happy Sunday, dear readers and trade partners,

I'm happy to say the Dodgers aren't the only ones breaking off some great wins these days.  It seems some of that wonderful Blue Magic from the big club has spread to my humble little blog, and I've been scoring some wins myself.

The good - scratch that - the GREAT folks over at  Crackin Wax and Varsity Trading Cards held another one of their awesome events that are great for collectors, while at the same time benefiting charity.  If you haven't been over there yet - join one of their group breaks and support a good cause at the same time. 

Their recent Allen & Ginter box and Mystery Prize raffle caught my eye. The prizes were cool, of course, but what appealed to me was the charity they were backing.  This time it was MLB's RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program.  That one is right in my wheelhouse.  I know what it is to grow up in an inner city (L.A.) area with pretty much no fields or resources for kids who want to play baseball.  I figure I played 90% of my youth baseball on concrete.

You say I get to contribute to a charity I can relate to AND I might win some great prizes?  I jumped in with both feet.  Charitable and all around good guy David from Indian Baseball Cards won the first prize 2013 A & G box. You can read his prize post here.

Turns out my mojo was in high gear as well, and I won the Mystery Prize! A few contributors gave some cool items which were then bundled into one package.  I ended up with some fantastic new additions for my PC, and a fistful of trade bait.   As per the usual here at ATBATT,  if you see anything you want in this or any of the subsequent posts, drop me a line and let's make a deal. 

The first portion of my awesome prize was donated by Alexander O. from Minnesota...

Here's a nice surprise: Good ol' Joey here is a local boy!  He went to Cal State Long Beach and played for the CSLB Dirtbags.  He's recently joined the Braves big club and he's currently batting .279.  Not too shabby.

Here's another young gun.  Travieso here was drafted by the Reds and was fast-tracked up to The Show in June.  He clocks his heater at 94-95, and he's just 19 years old.  Nice auto card of an up and comer. 

Now you know I like me some vintage!  This comes from 2011 Topps Heritage buy backs. Yes, the front is kind of messed up with that dopey 50th Anniversary foil stamp, but it's still a great looking old time card with a certified old timer on the front!  How kindly do you think Nieman here would take to a brush back pitch?

Next post: Mystery Prize Package Part Deux


  1. Congrats, man! I'm very grateful that you were able to donate and that the charity was right up your alley!

    1. My pleasure to participate. I'll be back again. :)