Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crackin A Penultimate Waxy Prize Post

Almost finished now with the presentation of the great prizes in my Mystery Prize Package that I won over at Crackin Wax. 

These prizes were contributed by Reader Toby.  As previously mentioned, this batch has a few football cards, and Toby made sure to gift up some autos from some great young NFL players.

David here is a top defensive player for Tampa Bay.  Last season was his first as an NFL linebacker. He led the team with 139 tackles and was Rookie of the Month in November 2012.

Next up is a hated Bronco...

Thomas began his NFL career in 2010.  2012 was his breakout year, so he seems to only be getting better.  Hope he does terrible vs the Raidahs.  And hope I do fantastic in trading him.

Up next, another up and coming, young Tampa Bay Buc...

Williams here also has a breakout season in 2012.  He led ALL rookies with 65 catches and 11 TDs.  He just signed a big money contract which should keep him a Buc until 2018.

Back to baseball...

OOPS !  Better put the brakes on that baseball idea.  Unfortunately, Jordany here was found guilty of juicing up, and was suspended a few days ago for 50 games.  On another note, that signature can certainly use some PEDs help.

The last card here is a beauty.  The player is a current Dodger, but it's a ring card from his former team...

One of the other cool parts of this prize package was donated by a current MLB player. Sweet!

Let's take a look what he gifted....

How sweet is that?  It's a fistful of autos!  Neshek, a side-armer,  pitched for the Twins and the Padres before joining the Athletics. 

Here's the other cool part, Neshek is a part of our collecting community, and he loves collecting autographs.  Speaking of autos, didja notice the cool baseball "stitches" that he adds to his signature?  Nice.

That's almost the end of the prizes.  Don't miss the post of the final part of the prize.  It was donated to Crackin Wax specifically for this prize raffle, and the donator was none other than...TOPPS !

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