Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crackin Off the Final Waxy Prize - Courtesy of Topps

Hey there, readers and trade partners,

Is it hot enough for you out there?  Summer is holding on tight here in LA, and I love it.

Thanks for following along with me on these prize posts from my winning of the Mystery Prize Package over at Crackin Wax.  If you just stumbled onto this, there are a previous 4 parts, and Part 1 is here.

Allow me to mention an aside about this final piece.  A lot of us out here in blogolandia knock Topps for more than a few legitimate reasons.  For example, my personal gripe is Topps' never ending recycling of photos from old time players.  The rehashing of the same 2 photos is seriously played out.  We love our vintage players, but please use some new and interesting photos.  Are you feeling me here, Topps?

That said, I hope Topps is feeling me on the following point also: Thanks so much for your generous contribition to Crackin Wax's Prize Raffle.  This is generosity from the giant in the industry, and I'm very appreciative.

Before seeing what Topps gifted, I just want to extend a hearty THANKS to all the contributors that built up this prize, and to Topher and the gang over at Crackin Wax for their generosity.

Here's the final outstanding piece from that magnificent package...

It's a single, uncut sheet.....

from Topps 2013 Series1....


Here's the back side...

One last shot...

Wow!!! That was awesome.


  1. Whew! That was the one prize I was worried about making it there. Thanks again for your donations and I hope you enjoy your prizes! What do you plan to do with the uncut sheet? Frame and hang it?

    1. That's exactly my plan. Custom frame and proudly hang. :)

      It's my pleasure to contribute any time I'm able. Keep up the good work!